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LIFE: Lately.

01 We’ve had a quiet-ish week. Little man now has a cold. So our plan to start swimming this week went down the drain. We’ll hopefully make it next week.
Preschool went OK again. I got his log-book to read through, where they basically document with writing and pictures what he’s been up to. It was nice to read through it. (2 pages worth. haha)
Music was fun as always. Is amazing he still remembers the songs from when we last went. He does enjoy drumming a tambourine though..
We visited some friends on Friday for some play dates and stayed with one to watch the Le Tour De Yorkshire pass by. I’m not sure id say he enjoyed seeing the cycles.. however he DID enjoy all the ‘nee naw’ bikes that lead the cycles!

02 Nothing with the house really this week. I haven’t had chance to start stripping paper from the hallway. BUT, our new sofas are due to arrive on Tuesday! Can’t wait to actually be able to get comfy.. Our conservatory chairs are lovely and do recline and have foot stools, but for evening slouching, they’re not the best.

03 Another week dusted at the gym and more increase on weights. Feel so good after I’ve been.Can really start to feel the muscles toning and tightening too which is great. I could just really do with curbing my eating habits and fat intake still.. I am better than I was, but I could do better.

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