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LIFE: Lately.

01 Had another week of play dates. No pre-school this week, as it was a bank holiday. Been nice to have some play time in the garden again, just wish the weather wasn’t so hit and miss! Is it summer or winter?!?
Still has an on going cold/sniffle/runny nose at times/cough at times, going on. We haven’t been giving him calpol anymore as he’s been sleeping fine and don’t want to give it to him too often to make him immune, it doesn’t seem to been bothering him or affecting him really anyways. 
We took a talk to a near farm/play area, which little man loved! His new word of the week has been ‘lorry’ and he thoroughly enjoyed saying this as we walked along the main road, with passing lorries, tractors and ‘nee naws’. 

02 No new news on the house improvements front. We’ve come to a standstill again. Which is fine, as we’ve been saving a little and busy with family days out, plus we go away to Cornwall next week, so, I was told by the Mr that when we get back we’re ‘back on it’, so, in true female fashion I said, ‘I’ll remind you of that’. 
To be honest, it doesn’t involve me, as I take no joy in putting up lining paper.. and I can’t see him allowing me to paint, so my work there is done.. As I said before, I’m already onto the next room..

03 New week at the gym, new plan in progress. My daily plans are shorter than what I had been doing before, so, unless I’ve been talking to people at the gym, I’m generally finished earlier than what I had been. I was fooled on the first few days by this, saying to people that I wasn’t really feeling the after effects, but then they came at me! OUCH! Moaning is toning, and all that jazz though!..

04 Finally had my eyebrows re-tattooed this weekend. It’s been over a year since I first had them done and although, it’s not necessarily to have then done exactly a year after being done, it’s advised to leave it no longer than 2 years. After speaking to the lovely Joanne who does the treatment, she decided upon doing ‘Micro Blading’ another form of brushstrokes to add more depth to my brows, alongside what was already there from the normal treatment. I have written about my experience, so keep an eye out for it. But, I’m in love with my brows! I feel a little less self conscious now, about pictures. 

05 My good mummy friend gave birth last week, which I may have mentioned on SS21, but I finally got to meet the main man this week and he is soooooo tiny and gorgeous! I know my little boy is only 2, but you do forget the baby baby moments.. how tiny they were, their little toes and fingers and the noises. We were a little scared to hold him at first, with his wobbly head, but we got there.

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