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LIFE: Monthly Loves.

I finally did it. I finally took my ass back to the gym. And I’m loving it! I have a great training plan and great help/support and 915am Sunday spinning class is definitely a good Sad Sunday boost! I just need to get my eating habits sorted now.

I’ll forever speak highly about the ‘Hair Growth’ range, the fact I believe it works and more so that it smells amazing.. BUT.. This duo, well, where to start. I can’t fully comment that these products are the ONLY products to make my hair feel less dry, but it does, but I CAN comment that the smell, is AMAZING. I actually can’t find the word. These will be a definate rebuy.

This little trio were a free gift when I made my first Elemis purchase at the spa at Center Parcs in Feb. Yes, I’m aware it’s now May, but until last month I had been using up what I had left and stored of The Body Shop products. In this bag there is the Pro Collagen Cleansing Balm, Pro Collgen Quartez Lift Mask and the Pro Collagen Marine Cream. All three of these were used during my facial, so I was glad to get them to trial myself and have to say, I’m in love. Elemis may be higher end, but you really do pay for what you get and you can’t put a price on the well being of your face/skin.. As for most of us, we only get one!

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