diggerland, yorkshire

A Day At Diggerland, Yorkshire.

17th June 2015crelgey

Diggerland, Yorkshire.

Diggerland is one of those places that you look forward to having children to be able to go, ultimately, just for yourself. It’s also more health and safety approved than hanging around a building site to keep the children happy.
With four locations, a fifth on the way in 2016 and partnered with the likes of JCB and Thwaites, this business is the real deal.

Billed as an ‘Ultimate Adventure Theme Park experience’, it sure had a lot to live up to.

With only making the turn off the main road to drive up to the building, you’re greeted by two brilliantly decorated diggers and also the sounds of your toddler repeatedly saying ‘digger, digger’. Parking is free at Diggerland, which is another great plus point.


As you walk through the main building to check-in and start your adventure, you’re taken through the merchandise shop, which, I thought wasn’t the best of ideas. This is something, as parents, you know is going to happen and you are, whether you like or not, going to exit with ANOTHER digger toy. However, you don’t need that kind of stress/resulting in a tantrum at the START of your lovely family day.

However, having made it out alive and promising to buy one of everything on the way home, you’re greeted by a sea of yellow. Diggers everywhere. All different sizes and shapes.
The site is well designed, basically allowing you to go round in a clock-like fashion, stopping off at different activities.

There are height restrictions for all the rides, with minimum height, even with adult supervision of 80cm, going up to 1m. Our little boy was just under 90cm, however, he really enjoyed the four digger rides he got a go on with his dad, including skittles, dippy ducks and buried treasure. He also loved the outdoor go-karts.

diggerland indoor

Before visiting, a friend had given me a good rundown on what was there etc and she had mentioned that they had an amazing indoor area and that they’d spent a good hour inside playing.. and how right she was! It was amazing. Even more, so that we practically had it to ourselves, even on this bank holiday weekend. There was a massive soft play/funhouse structure, with a brilliant 4 lane bumpy slide. A medium-sized housed bouncy castle and then a smaller baby/toddler soft play/funhouse area too. Plus plenty of arcade games to watch your money get lost on and plenty of picnic benches to dine and spectate at. Take away what was available outside, this in itself was fantastic and thoroughly enjoyed.

After a trip back through the merchandise shop, which we didn’t leave this time empty-handed, we headed home with a digger happy toddler.
I’d definitely recommend and have been to friends, a trip. As I mentioned, we’ll definitely be returning, maybe in another 10cm height-wise.


Find it: Website: Diggerland, Willowbridge Lane, Castleford, WF10 5NW.


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