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LIFE: Monthly Loves.

This month saw our living room finally decorated and finished. There is just the TV to wall mount, but that’s by the by. It’s so nice having the room complete, especially as it’s a room we spent a fair amount of time in and to now also feel like it properly ours and done our way. 
We also started work on the next job in hand, the hallway, by stripping the walls. Next month will see it hopefully being finished, but first needing to be lined. Joy.

I can’t blame, but I’m sure she’ll accept some responsibility for me making this purchase, so thanks Dee. Following Dee on instagram, she’s quite a gym bunny and with me getting back into it, I couldn’t help but be intrigued by new gadgets she was wearing/posting about. Having already got the Nike + Fuel Band, I wasn’t really feeling it anymore, plus the design wasn’t fantastic. After emailing Dee and then googling, I found it was half price in Sainsburys, so it was fate right!? But, I absolutely love this little bug, it’s brilliant and so easy to use.

Oh how I’ve been counting down the days to this. Having my brows done and them looking good is all that matters to me most days. Being a mummy, I’m makeup free quite a of the time, even in public, but if the brows are good, I feel fine. I had my brows semi permanently done by Joanne locally a year ago now and I will be writing a blog post on it, having now had them redone. Basically, all is well in the world again now.

We had originally said that we hadn’t wanted to do much in May, due to go on our caravan holiday in June, but, you know, we just couldn’t help ourselves! We enjoyed a trip to meet Thomas and Friends at Kirklees Railway and also finally went to Diggerland. (which I’ll be posting about soon) 

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