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‘Rated #6 in the UK’s Top Ten Parks by Trip Advisor Travellers Choice 2013 & 2014’

The beginning of Peasholm Park.

In 1911, land was purchased by the borough with the intention of building a park around a lake. Statues were brought in from Killerby Hall, which is now known as Flamingo Land and plants were sourced and brought from the French Riviera.

It first opened its gates to the general public in June 1912 and has been popular ever since. Many fetes and galas were initially held at the park, so terraced seating was added to accommodate more visitors.

Peasholm Park


The park.

One question I hear from most people new to Peasholm Park and one, admittedly that I’ve asked, is ‘What’s with the Japanese theme?‘ When I decided to write about the park, I was hopeful that my research would answer that question. However, I am sad to report that I’m actually none the wiser on the actual reason why. Only that it was the brainchild of a very forward-thinking engineer.

 There’s quite a bit more to the park than the lake and Japanese features. Upon walking halfway around the park you’re met by a valley and sea of greenery. Trees line part of the park that is known as Peasholm Glen. The Glen has a peaceful feel to it, with the trees offering some shade, meaning it’s quite cooling. This part of the park features many shallow ponds and waterfalls. I have many childhood memories of visiting with my grandfather and sailing his homemade remote-controlled ship in these pools.

 As you walk around you’re sure to be greeted by many a grey squirrel and don’t be fooled, they’re tamer than you’d expect. Don’t forget to bring a bag of nuts when you visit.

The park has much to offer its visitors. There’s a small round of golf, boat rides around the lake in either a pedal-powered dragon or a more daring rowboat. If you wish to sit and enjoy the setting, the park has two cafes that offer light snacks, hot and cold drinks plus ice creams.

The summer season sees the return of the famous Navel Warfare events at the park, held every Saturday through July to the end of August. Brass and silver bands also take over the smaller island in the lake to play concerts to visitors throughout the season. I recommend visiting for both events, there’s nothing else like them around.


Peasholm Park

North Bay,


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