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LIFE: Lately.

01 Not many play dates this week. But we did attend little boys preschool sports day. With him only starting preschool in April and only going one morning a week, I wasn’t sure he’d want to take part. But, he happily did the boys running race and jumped up to do the ‘obstacle’ race. More so as at the end he had to kick a football, which is favourite thing ever! It was lovely to see all the children enjoying it. I look forward to next week when he’s a little more involved.
He’s only got one day left a preschool then they’re broken up for 7 weeks! 7 weeks! 7 whole weeks! I know he’s only been going one morning a week, but it has been nice to have a few hours ‘off’. However, when he goes back in September, he’ll be there two mornings a week.

02 No change on the home front. We have agreed to book out a weekend in August, after July payday, to get the lining paper up at least. 

03 Well, I’ve upped some weights on both my leg press and back squat at the gym this week, which I’m happy with. I also tried out the sauna on Friday, which was amazing. I’ll definitely be headed there again!
I’ve done well on eating and snacking this week and haven’t indulged in chocolate bars or had cake while I’ve been out! I bought a bar of Green & Black’s 85% Dark Chocolate, which is nice, but not more-ish, so has easily lasted me a week! I can handle 3 squares a time!
I’ve also been loving nakd nuts and fruit bars, especially the Ginger Bread one. 

04 This coming Wednesday is the day of our local Cancer Research Race4Life. I’m only doing the 5k run again. I had signed up to do 10k, a while a go, but with starting the gym and having new fitness goals, I haven’t done any training for it nor do I do any cardio anymore. A friend and I did the 5k run an evening this week, as she hadn’t done it before and we did really well! I haven’t ran that far or that run since October last year and I did it in exactly the same time. I had planned to do it again, but I’m thinking that I’d rather just go for it on Wednesday. Wish me luck!

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