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LIFE: Lately.

01 Had a few play dates through the week. Saw some friends and little people we haven’t seen in a while which was nice. We then went away for a long weekend in the caravan to see my uncle for his birthday. Little man was happy with the drive, as we recently bought a portable dvd player and attached it to the headrest, so he was amazed he could watch ‘Cars’ and then Toy Story! 
Enjoyed a couple of trips out to which he was spoilt with some new John Deere toys, which basically haven’t left his side since. 

02 Apart from coming home to a tidy house from being away (we tidyed before we left, the house fairies hadn’t visited sadly!) nothing has changed this week decorating wise.
However, Next have a new ‘copper’ range of kitchen accessories.. So.Very.Tempted to incorporate it into my kitchen and take out the red…

03 Fitness was going well this week, on top of normal gym sessions I also did the Cancer Research 5k Race For Life run one evening this week and was not only proud to have done it for the second year running, but also that I ran it in a similar time to last year. Which is really good as I haven’t ran that distance since October last year and haven’t really done any cardio since the beginning of this year when I left Bootcamp! 
Feel a bit blughhh from having Friday and Monday off from the gym, so really looking forward to going back. 

04 As I mentioned, we’ve enjoyed a long weekend away, our last in the caravan for this year to Jedbrugh. My uncle has a static on a site there and with it being his birthday, we thought we’d take a trip. Whilst there we took a trip to Harestanes Visitor Centre, which has a lovely walking area, cafe, gift shop, seperate crafts shops, homemade icecream shop and a great play area for children. We’ll definitely be returning!

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  • Gemsi - Gem

    Sounds like you had a lovely week :). Thanks for the update about Next having a copper range in lol, now I'm tempted to go and look! :))).

    Gem x

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