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LIFE: Lately.

01 You ever have one of those weeks, that feels to have flown by, however, you can’t remember what you’ve done? Well, I’m having one of those. 
A few play dates. However, it’s been another week of undecided weather. Bring on the heatwave I say! Pretty please! We’re fortunate enough to live near the sea/beach, however, you can never make full use of it because it’s always bloomin’ cold/windy/rainy or all of the mentioned! 
Little man is getting close/making sense with some sentences recently. I can generally pick up on at least two words and then guess what he’s getting at. He’s also coming out with/picked up singular new words too. 
Now, I must warn you to expect some ‘potty training NIGHTMARE’ tweets that may occur. I’ve been laying groundwork for potty training in that, we’ve been putting him in pull ups, bought big boy pants (which are just too cute!) and I’m asking him every half hour if he needs a wee. I’m trying not to force it. He is a male and all females know that they don’t deal with stress and confrontation well! We’ve had the odd wee on the potty, one was completely down to him asking to go and the others have, well, been good saves by me! We’ll get there!…

02 We have lining paper.. and paste.. Just not on the walls yet! But this is a good step forward, so I’m not complaining. Hopefully next week I’ll be able to report that it’s made it to the walls, however, even though we ‘booked’ to do it next weekend, I’ve been informed that overtime is required, so, we’ll see. Fingers crossed.

03 Admittedly, I haven’t worked my ass off at the gym this week. I have worked hard, but I know I can do more/better. A friend who’s a PT and has done my workout plans for me is writing up a new one for me. I think I’ve become a bit to familiar with my current one. Yes I can up weights etc which is always the aim and although over the four days, never two days are the same, I just think it needs switching up. So, I look forward to seeing what she has in-store. She’s already had me working in the ‘manly’ section, so it can’t get worse than that!?.

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  • Rachael Broomfield

    I know exactly what you mean about weeks flying by and you having no idea where it went! It's so easy when you're working/super busy. I cannot believe it's already August!

    Rachael at

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