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LIFE: Lately.

01 Good weather this week has again helped make play dates and outings fun. Visited a new farm/cafe place locally with a couple of mummies and little ones for a play, cake and catch up.
We’ve also had another week of spending most days at Betton Farm. I think I just pay a £10 weekly fee and be done with it! Haha! It is a brilliant place.
I actually started Christmas shopping this week too for little man. I know, laugh and roll your eyes, but think about it this way, it’s only 4 pay days away!.. Food for thought..

02 The hallway is papered. It’s only lining paper, but it looks so much better. I can’t wait to splatter some paint at it now. In true Caroline fashion, I’ve also started buying little bits for the next task, the spare room..
I also gave in and bought some of copper kitchen range from Next. The dishes drainer, storage jars and cutlery set. I have to say I’m liking this colour better than the red I’d initially chosen and had going on. I’ve already sourced a new bin to tie in.

03 Enjoyed the gym as always. Upped a few weights. Did some cardio on the stair master again, the ‘glute workout’. Really do feel it after leg day the day before, but it’s a good pain/ache!

04 Wanting to do some ‘home’ wish lists as blog posts. I’ve used Polyvore before, but a while ago. I tried to find the pieces I wanted, but I couldn’t. So any ideas/sites that you may use would be great please!


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