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LIFE: Monthly Loves.

monthly loves

Yes, I’m aware it’s ‘summer’, but is it, really? I’ve worn this jumper and a couple of others so many times this month it feels more like autumn. However, I’m generally always cold, so always have good knitwear to hand. This jumper in particular from Topshop is light enough for spring/summer, but can easily be worn with a shirt under too. 

Having recently jumped on the Geordie Shore watching bandwagon, firstly out of curiosity, which has since developed into a need. Charlotte quickly became a favourite to watch. She’s pure honest comical genious. As much as she and the other girls are quick to say what they’re thinking, Charlotte is the one that is happy to say ANYTHING she is thinking.. mainly the stuff that you say and then HUGELY regret saying! Her book is basically pages of that. I like that it’s written exactly how she speaks, rather than the Queens English. Yes, there’s full details on EVERYTHING, but then, it is her autobiography and this is Charlotte, you can’t think it’d be anything else.


The weeks and months fly by at the gym and I love every minute of it. The struggle to get out of bed at 5:30am every morning does get less. Music does get me through my workouts, I like being in my own ‘zone’. For now my shuffle does me well, but the headphone wires do bother me sometimes when using weights, so I may look into some bluetooth headphones at a later date. I always have my notebook with me too. This has a log of all my workout plans, on a day to day basis, tracking weight changes. I also have notes of exercises to try while at the gym for different body parts, if I have time spare. It’s a good reference tool.

These are a snacking lifesaver. Especially when I’m at home, I become a kitchen raider. I’d known of these bars before, however, I really dislike nuts, so always stayed away from them. But I gave in the other day when I finally faced up to my snacking ways and bought a Gingerbread one to try and now I can’t get enough of them. Sadly, I haven’t found a shop that sells them in boxes, which I’m sure must be cheaper than buying them singular. These Berry ones are also a hit. 

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