I love an afternoon tea and how can you not love an afternoon tea, good food and an amazing view of Scarborough.
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Having written previously about the business, read here and it’s idyllic location, I thought I’d give you a better review/insight into the food on offer. Plus being another place offering afternoon tea in Scarborough and not being one to turn down a hot chocolate or cake and with a cake loving friend in tow, it had to be that we tried!

The food.

Firstly, we were seated at my favourite spot near the window. This corner spot is definitely sought after and is generally always taken, if not reserved for someone. And why not, look at that backdrop.

Our food, this amazing display, joined us at the table not long after being seated. The joys of reservations! Each tier was packed with food and we couldn’t wait to delve in.

The sandwiches were both varied and open, which is a specialty of theirs, with a handful of crisps, sat in the middle.

The middle tier saw scones dolloped with jam and cream, topped with a strawberry, with a side of a selection of lovely mini cakes. Joined by the top tier with further mini cakes.

afternoon tea in Scarborough at Olivers on the mount


Although a somewhat minor complaint, it would have been nice to have been told what everything was. I know this is a niggle some ‘seasoned’ afternoon tea diners have. However, everything was extremely yummy.

I suspect that the cakes and macaroons were bought, rather than homemade, but for a new business, this is possibly something that will change over time and with popularity. There’s just something really nice about homemade warm scones. Do you agree?

As I’ve said before, I really love visiting this place and look forward to everything it has to offer in the future. It’s definitely somewhere I’d recommend for an afternoon tea in Scarborough.


Olivers On The Mount

Olivers Mount


01723 361702




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