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LIFE: Lately.

01 This week we collected little man’s preschool uniform and had a chat with his new keyworker. He’d already been attending a local preschool, only for 3 months, but I felt I needed to move him. He’ll be there two mornings a week to begin with. His funding doesn’t kick in until April, so just going to build up the hours gradually. 
We seem to have spent this week at the soft play area. I don;t mind though, as he really enjoys it and it gives me chance to have a chat and hot chocolate with friends. It was funny one day as he was wearing a Minion’s t shirt and when I found him playing, he was with two slightly older boys, wearing Minion t shirts also, playing tig. It was too cute. He always seem to navigate towards playing with older boys. 

02 No change, again. To be honest, I haven’t even done much housework this week.. 

03 My friend sent through my new training plan for the gym. it looks great, I literally had to google 90% of the exercises! So this week I did normal plan for the last time, then she’s going to shadow me next week doing my new one. By shadow, she probably means kill me! haha!
I checked my weight and body fat % this week. My weight has dropped by 2lbs, but I do flucterate around a certain weight, so it’s OK, but my body fat has dropped by 1% which is great. I’m in my happy zone now. Though, I’m sure I can drop a little more. 

04 I finally decided to set up a Facebook page for my blog. It’s something I’ve contemplated for a while, but not really thought it would benefit me/my blog much. However, it can’t do any harm. Plus, having a blog is something that I’ve, not kept secret, but I’ve not really shoved in my friends faces or made a big deal about, so the thought of them all knowing or reading it (hi) is a bit daunting, but, it gets it out there and I should be proud of my little space on the internet, right! So, if you haven’t already, you can ‘like’ my page HERE, thanks.

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