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LIFE: Lately.

We’ve had a poorly boy this week. He’s been hit by a cold. Or toddler man flu, as it’s probably better known. Snotty nose. Coughing. Hardly eating. (apart from if it’s chocolate!) And even wanting to go home after an hour at the soft play area with his friends.
He wasn’t 100%, but I decided to take him for his first day to preschool, which turned out OK. I had planned to stay with him, but he was fine and normal as soon as he clocked some toys. So I snook out. When I collected him at lunchtime, they said he’d been fine and had enjoyed himself. So here’s to Monday!

I survived! First week run through of my new gym workout and I’m alive. Just. I’ve taken each day as it comes though and yes, I have complained about hurting and aching. But it’s a good complaining and a good hurting. I haven’t hurt like it for some time, so a new plan was definitely needed.
Some other fab fitness news was that, the lovely Carly Tierney, who is personal trainer, a Miami Pro UK Bikini competitor and winner, plus a BSN sponsored athlete, has ‘challenged’ me to a day training with her. (stupidly) I said yes! Carly PT’s at DW in Barnsley. Although nervous, I am looking forward to the experience. I first met Carly at a BSN event in Leeds a few months ago and follow her on her social media. She really is a lovely, inspirational, (tiny) but strong woman.

 Anyone else over Summer now? Not that I think it actually ever came, but, I’m all good for A/W now. The summer clothes I got out and slowly but surely being put away and with the shops also transitioning their stock, I can’t help but do a happy dance at all the brows, blacks, greys and oversized jumpers. Though this year, I’ve made a promise to myself to NOT purchase ANY new coats. I have plenty. PLENTY.


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