LIFE: Lately.

We’re still loving preschool. I’m so glad. The fact I can actually say goodbye to him when I leave is a much better feeling to having to run out the door! A painting came home this week too that he’d done, which I can only describe as look like either the sea or sky.. I haven’t actually asked what he thinks it is, to be honest.
It was Macmillan’s Big Coffee Morning this week. A friend held a small gathering at hers, which we all baked for and let the little ones run riot. We also had another birthday party this week at a friends, for her little girls 2nd birthday. It was great to see some mummies I hadn’t seen in a while and J enjoyed himself, even though he was out numbered by girls!

I’d just like to report, for the point of throwing this back in my partners face to say HA, see, you said we’d do this, that NOTHING has changed in the house/home improvements. However, this weekend was payday, so we had booked the coming weekend out to paint the hallway.. OR maybe get a wall bracket for the TV in the living room.. Or both. If I’m lucky. So report back next Sunday to see what has happened.. Or not.

Well, booking made to be put through my paces with Carly in two weeks, so I’ve been trying to up my game at the gym and really push myself, as I know, she’s actually going to kill me and I’m quite nervous! OK, a lot nervous! I’ve been a bit stricter on my diet this week also. But know I can do better.

So my beauty appointment I had this week was with Eve from BOTASTIC. It was to initially enquire about lip fillers. My top lip has always bugged me as being quite thin. On top of my face aging, my lips are also quite dehydrated. So when I saw pictures of a client with similar concerns that Eve had dealt with, I decided to give it a go. So, after a quick consultation, I decided to go ahead and have the treatment done. I’m really happy with the outcome. They are still healing. But I hope to write up a post room. Keep an eye on my INSTAGRAM for pics.

Attended my second JoeBlogs event with Hilary’s in Leeds this last weekend. It was a crafty event, so I was completely sure what it was going to entail or be like, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Always lovely to see  some familiar faces. Plus the ladies hosting it, from THE CRAFTY HEN were great fun and really helpful. Keep an eye on the blog for the full post on what happened.

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