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LIFE: Monthly Loves.

This site has got to be at the top of my favourites list, overtaking even Next. Yes, you read that right. Though the colour doesn’t make it look all that great, I’m totally loving my Diet Super Greens drink each morning. One drink of the powder equates to 5 portions of fruit and veg. I am absolutely rubbish at getting my 5 in a day. Don’t get me wrong, I have veg most days, but I’m not a fruit eater. This makes sure I get what I need. Granted people may not agree with it, but this is what I do and it suits me fine.

Copper anything basically. I’m not going to lie. I know trends come and go and yes, it may of taken me a while to get in on this one, but I’m really loving it. So much so that I’ve updated pieces in the kitchen to a #copper theme’ from Next and also since we’re re-doing the spare room, I’ve started to add copper accessories into that too.

I finished Cheryl’s autobiography this month. Finally getting round to reading it after having being bought it last Christmas! It was a good read and quite insightful. I’ve been enjoying reading out in the garden while little one plays and also have refound a love of baths. I have Elton John’s autobiography on the shelf to read, but have just ordered Stephanie Pratt’s autobiography (The Hills & MIC) and also Millie Mackintosh’s new book. However these may not be with me for a few weeks, so Elton may get a look in.

Looking back, this month has been full of social events. Play dates, days out with mummies and toddlers, drinks with friends, a cake meet and a wedding reception.
I’m grateful for everyone who is part of my life. Having been through, what I can only describe as a bittersweet year, a couple of years ago, I really value friends/friendship. People that make me laugh and smile, that I make laugh and smile and who are there for me and vice versa.


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  • Sheepishly Charlotte

    What is it with everyone and copper at the moment?! Saying that though, I saw some gorgeous copper homeware bits in John Lewis! I love Steph Pratt (well just M.I.C in general!), didn't realise she has a book out!

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