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LIFE: Lately.

It’s been a busy ‘ole week. I upped J’s hours at Preschool, as realised that there wasn’t much availability to do it left and that this wouldn’t really change until September next year! So, he now does a Monday morning, a full day Wednesday and a Friday afternoon. He did really well with his first full day. He started to crash around 4.30pm, but I kept him awake, 

I really tried to push myself at the gym this week. As much as possible at 6am in the morning that is, as knew i had my training with Carly on Saturday. Having checked with Carly to what we’d be training, I was good to keep my plan and days as they were.
I do know I need to push myself a little more generally. What I do is by no means easy, but I could push a bit more and add a bit more weight.  Here’s to next week!
I do need to get my diet under control. It really is my own downfall. I don’t eat badly. Just maybe not consistently well. What I could really do with is a cook. Someone to prep all my food for me and feed me.. Would it be a little too much to put this on my list to Santa?

Used my free time this week quite well. Seeing friends and catching up. Walking the dog without a nagging toddler and tidying the house. I’ll probably continue to do similar next week and maybe take myself back to the gym. 

So Saturday was a busy day. Headed to Leeds to meet some bloggers at Predetor Nutrition store for a USN event with the delightful and very easy on the eye, Ryan Terry. Who, if you don’t know is an IFBB Pro, recently placing 4th at the Olympia Men’s Physique contest in Las Vegas. The first Brit to do so.
After this and a spot of shopping (it would of been rude not to!) I headed to DW Sports gym at Barnsley, to meet Carly. The gym there is fantastic. I could of happily stayed in the changing rooms, with amazing space, ample lockers, hairdryers, and TV’s! The gym itself is totally kitted out with every machine you could think of and more. I’m happy to say I survived the session. It was great to speak to Carly and get some input and perspective on things. Got some ideas for new exercises to add into my plan too. Look forward to keeping in touch with Carly and seeing her back on stage next year! 🙂

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