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LIFE: Lately.

Apart from the norm’ of preschool and a few play dates, nothing extremely exciting has happened this week. Though I do have to report that he finally, after a week of not, told his key worker at nursery that he needed a wee and did one on their potty!!!! I was so happy and relived. I just hope he remembers that it was OK for this coming week, as it happened on Friday and so he’s not been back at preschool yet. 
He’s absolutely cracked it at home and happily takes himself to the potty without saying anything and wears his little pants. It’s just when we’re out and about.

Gym’d like a trooper this week. I even did some bike sprints with my friend and some interval jogging/walking mid-week. Really enjoyed it actually. I’ve also been good with my diet this week. It’s just the weekends that kill me! I need to sort it out, as weather is only going to get worse, meaning staying in more.. 
My gym plan gets changed in a week. So I’m looking forward to the new challenge. I’ve also been doing my own research etc. 

I took a trip to the McArthurGlen Designer Outlet at York this week, while toddler was at preschool. I had initially wanted to just go to look for some new gym clothes for me, before I placed an order online. However, while there, I felt it only right that I check out Next and then the Cadbury store, oh and Thorntons.. So, we’re all chocolate stocked up for Christmas. I even purchased mine and toddlers personalised advent calanders from Thorntons.
I also popped to the other two shopping parks, as I’ve recently been on the hunt for Toy Story toys/figures. It’s toddlers favourite film at the moment. I’m not complaining. Beats Peppa Pig! I’d picked up a small, Woody, Buzz and Rex plastic toys from Sainsburys, but really wanted to get the rest, but they never got them in. I ended up in ToysRUs, where I found plenty.

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