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LIFE: Lately.

Last week of preschool before the half term. This term seems to have flown by! We had his first parents evening this week too, with his key worker. It was nice to have a proper little chat, as when your dropping off and collecting them, you don’t really get chance. It was great to hear that he’s settled in well and how much he’s come on. 
Enjoyed a week of play dates. Headed to Piglets Adventure Park near York with a couple of mummies and little people. It was lovely to go somewhere different to our ‘normal’ haunts, it was such a nice day too. Normal play dates at Betton Farm were had and also a now weekly swimming visit. I’m so happy at how well he’s doing in the pool now. He now takes off the ring and is happy just with his armbands and loves jumping in. He’s still not keen on getting water in his face or hair, but, we’re getting there. Slowly. 

Well, I’d like to say I did my best with the last week of my plan at the gym. I did up some weights, but I am looking forward to seeing what my friend has instore for me next. I’m wanting to concentrate and build on strength. I know I need to help myself, in that I need to up my weights more and also that it’s OK to fail on sets and not get the last couple of reps out.. It’s about improving the next time you do them.

Had a lovely girls night in at a friends this week. A few of us yummy mummies got together for some amazing pizzas, proper catch up and to watch Magic Mike XXL, which, wasn’t fantastic, wasn’t as much dancing as in the first, but as always, the last dance scene was the best part.

This week I posted up on the blog a bit of a personal post. It was my entry to the #LumiaFitnessInspiration competiton by Microsoft. If you haven’t seen it, you can have a read HERE.

I’ve also been having a think about these weekly updates and that maybe, I might make them monthly, rather than weekly. I feel sometimes, I’m stretching myself to write things, as I haven’t much to say. Like, if you hadn’t noticed, I haven’t been writing about house updates, as I used to, as, well, there aren’t any. Ha!

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