LIFE: Monthly Loves.

My skin has suddenly decided to hate me. Only one side, may I add. So, after nothing really working, I decided to go back to the trusted hands of Liz Earle and her revolutionary cleanse and polish system. My skin isn’t back to completely clear, but it seems a lot happier and

Call it the blogger. Call it the mother. Call it OCD. Whatever it is, I have the organising bug. Yes, people may roll their eyes at me, may even curse me when I remind them how close Christmas actually is, but, sometimes, most of the time, they do end up thanking me for it. I love planning and organising. From mummy nights out, mummy nights in, to play dates, birthday parties, Christmas and everything and anything else in between. I also love spending time with people and being part of something. My friends are, well, my family.

I seem to have been going through a reminiscent period with music at the moment. I’m loving and craving all my olden goodies. Akon, Beautiful. Usher, Love in this club. T.I, Whatever you like. The Pussycat Dolls, Whatcha think about that. A few have also made it onto my IPod for the gym too! I love watching the videos and remembering how good they were.. at the time.. those moons ago!

I have definitely started on my A/W wardrobe this last month. I personally blame Dorothy Perkins 20% off event. They have some lovely pieces in at the moment. I’m especially loving the neutral/natural collections. I’ve also grown fond of khaki/olive green. I didn’t think I was a green person, but I think I like it..

You can take the girl out of college (qualified) and retire as a gymnast, but I’ll always love sport. Granted I wasn’t ever fantastic at anything, but I happily tried everything. Rugby is a sport I don’t whole heartedly follow through a season, but when England plays, I’m their biggest supporter. Now, I’m just going to put this out there as I know, I know, we’re out. And I completely stand by that we deserve to be. We played, lets say, PANTS from the second half of the Wales game to the whole of the Australian game. I am gutted of the premature end to our world cup dream, but I’ll go on and support our other nations, Wales, Ireland and Scotland in theirs.

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