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LIFE: #LumiaFitnessInspiration Competition

Microsoft are currently running a ‘Fitness Inspiration Competition‘ over on their website, as part of their current Fitness campaign.
The competition is simple: Simply showcase a picture of something that’s inspiring, motivating, challenging you in sports or fitness and explain why. 
This is my entry..

As soon as I read the criteria on how to enter, I knew this was the picture I wanted to enter.

Fitness, sport, being healthy is all an individual choice. No one can do it for you. Plus there are definitely no quick fixes. Only pure dedication, grit and determination will get you to where you want to be. 
Motivation, again, is something of personal preference. Everyone has a goal. Be it to top a table in a sport, drop a few pounds, or lift that weight.

After having my little boy I was dead set on losing the ‘baby (Wispa Gold and Creme Egg) weight’ and getting back to my former self. However I had a rocky start and tried to revert back to my old ‘bad’ ways and made myself a little ill. At this time, I realised I needed to do it properly. Not only for own health and sake, but for my little boy. I wanted him to grow up with good eating habits. With a healthy interest in food. To see people around him eating well.

My little boy became my motivation to be heathly. 

The need for weight loss took an initial back seat for a while. After some time, I signed up to a local ‘Buggy Bootcamp’, which I stayed with for over a year. The scenery above, became our gym, as we enjoyed three planned sessions of fitness a week. Buggy, baby and all. 

Having a child does turn your life upside down. It is testing. And by no means easy. But, there’s nothing like realisation that it’s not just about you anymore. You have someone that needs you. That depends on you. That doesn’t know anything other than what you show and teach them.
So make good choices. Be a role model. 

You too can enter Microsoft’s competition HERE. Good luck.

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