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HOME: Have a Yankee Christmas

Yankee Christmas Candles

Having a Yankee candle burning through December and the festive period has become a norm as much as putting decorations up in my house. I have a couple of favourite scents, Apple And Pine Needle and Sparkling Cinnamon to name a couple, but I always look forward to seeing and smelling the new range of fragrances they launch for Q4.

This year Yankee has brought us, Winter Glow, Bundle Up, Cosy By The Fire and Berry Trifle (not pictured).

Winter Glow and Bundle Up are what my other half describes as ‘bathroom scents’. By this, I believe, he means that they are ‘fresh’ smelling. Both resemble Cotton Fresh, in this way.
Cosy By The Fire is everything you think it would be, with tones of ginger and cloves.

I’m a bit fussy with ‘food’ scents, so Berry Trifle didn’t really appeal to me. However, having previously smelt but not bought Christmas Memories, I added this to my basket instead. I wont be making any gingerbread this year, so this will help with making the kitchen smell like I have been.


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