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LIFE: Yankee Q1 2016 Spring Scents.

What better way to bounce into Spring than with some new Yankee scents…

I’m such a fan of Yankee candles that it’s utterly unlike me to not have at least three in my cupboard. (that is on top of my Christmas collection!) However.. following the festive period, I found myself low on stock..
So I have been desperately awaiting the launch of the Q1 collection, especially since I googled and found out what the new scents were to be.

So here they are: Moonlight, Lemongrass and Ginger, Peony and My Serenity.

Admittedly, I never normally purchase ALL of the quarterly collections. There’s generally one that, even without sniff testing, I think/know I won’t like. However, with this collection, I was really taken by them all, and I’m so glad, as they really are beautifully scented. If you could bottle Spring, it would be these.

Buying online, I always choose to buy the small jars. Then, if there’s one that I really like and I want to buy it again, I’ll get it in a bigger size. 
I did used to only buy the tumblers.. however, there seems to be fewer and fewer availability in scents. 

So, whilst My Serenity burns in my living room, here’s to googling what’s coming in Q2..

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  • Blog A Book Etc

    I love a good yankee – i don't think I can single out a favourite as there are so many I love. At the moment I have sugared apple left from Christmas and have a Black Coconut freshener in my car! I think I might have to look into these 🙂

    • Caroline

      Thanks for your comment!
      Oh I had Sugared Apple last year. It was lovely, but I found it very sweet, so couldn't burn it for too long.
      I too had a car freshener! I could do with a new one actually. 🙂

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