Yay Coffee, Scarborough, is a lovely independent coffee house. Serving an array of coffee and homemade cakes and treats.


30th March 2016crelgey


Say yay, say ho, say yay, say ho..” Ok, that’s a terrible intro, but i just couldn’t help myself..
Admittedly, I am not, nor will I ever will be, a coffee fiend. I could however, drink hot chocolate or tea till I am sick or fall asleep. Hopefully not both. At the same time.
So when a new coffee shop opened in my town of Scarborough, although intrigued by it’s name, location and what the decor would be like, I didn’t run to it’s doors for it’s 8am opening demanding to be let in. (It was a at least a day later.) (I’m joking, it was a week.)

Yay Coffee is perfectly situated in the centre of town. Opposite the shopping mall and just off the main shopping street. York Place is a street, like many, that houses independent and smaller businesses. Yay Coffee sits alongside the likes of George Michael’s Restaurant – an Italian, a photography studio and a Beauty Salon, amongst others.
York Place is a row of buildings that, back in the day, could be called town houses. Steps leading up to the main house and steps leading to the basement. Businesses on this street are found on both levels. Yay Coffee is on the lower level, so I have to point out that care be taken on entering. However, I will mention that it is, with some persistence, possible to get a pram down and inside, as my friend and I found out on our first visit!

coffee shop
coffee shop

Here’s a new term for you, ‘quirky and cute’. The orange adds a definite modern feel to it. Orange seems to be a go to choice of statement colour for new businesses in Scarborough at the moment.. I wonder if B&Q have it on offer. Jokes aside, it is a great colour choice.

The decor is simple, yet enough. The wooden tables have some great reading material for any coffee enthusiast, with a guide to coffee.

Once you have ordered, you’re then brought a jug of water, which I think is a lovely touch.

Setting is minimal, as as I mentioned above, the space is limited with being a ‘basement’ type setting. There’s a lovely little cubby hole seat as you walk into the seating area to the left, which is where I took these photos from. It’s a nice little spot.  

I thought this ‘Communal Board Of Happiness’ was a lovely feature to the place. The owners are always so lovely and happy whenever I’ve been and this really reflects that. Plus the space itself mirrors this. There’s some great posts.

Yes, that’s the menu. For me, the tea, hot chocolate and soft drink selection is pretty self-explanatory.. However, if you are a coffee drinker, good luck!


Or, you could do as my coffee-loving husband did and just ask one of the really helpful staff to recommend a blend. I’m sure they get asked most days.

I think, if you’re truly into or know your coffee beans then this is the place for you. Even if you enjoy a good cup of coffee, but fancy broadening your horizons, this is the place to do it.

If you’re not feeling brave yet, do your research. Grab a cuppa and sit and enjoy the surroundings while you get clued up on the coffee reading material that’s around.

At the counter they also have a small, but delicious selection of cakes and slices. I can definitely vouch for the salted caramel brownie. Go, go now and try it!

I’ve visited Yay Coffee a handful of times now and I always enter and leave with a smile. It’s such a lovely space and the staff are just the best.

You can find Yay Coffee on:


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