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OUTFIT: Topshop 90’s loving.

A new favourite outfit, featuring this hidden (in the back of my cupboard) gem of a jacket…

Well, it was never going to be just sunny. Thanks for gatecrashing a perfect photo day Wind! Though these pictures were definitely taken in good time before it came over grey, attempted to snow, then settled with a bit of rain, so yeah…

I wore this outfit to my friends Hen Party day out. Walking around a city, I wanted to keep it casual and comfy. However, when asked if I was taking a coat, I panicked, as I don’t actually own any smart-like going out jackets/coats. I generally just settle with my leather jacket, but I didn’t feel it ‘went’ with this outfit.
After frantically digging around our coat cupboard, I came across this Topshop beauty. Now, I admit, I bought this in the sale at least two years ago and It may of had one trip out?!… It’s very oversized with a 90’s style about it, but with this outfit, I just felt it looked right.
The coat is a cotton material, so in no way a ‘winter’ or even showerproof jacket, though it has a hood, but I’d say it’s ideal for spring/summer and suited for our day out perfectly.

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