Is This The Best Sunday Lunch In Scarborough.

Disclaimer: Regardless of what day you are reading this post on, you will want to skip to Sunday. Apart from if you’re a vegetarian. If this is the case, this post is not likely for you.
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Oh Sunday lunch.

It just can’t be beaten. There’s nothing better than the smell of the meat cooking.

I’ve become a bit of a Sunday Lunch connoisseur recently. My mission, which I seem to have accepted, is to try as many as possible to find the best Sunday Lunch in Scarborough. Although I’d never thought of myself as being particular, I just like food alright!? I have found myself liking things a certain way.

That said. This is just something of near perfection. Could it be the best Sunday lunch in Scarborough?

the best sunday lunch in scarborough

What’s on the plate.

I like my plate to come as above. Meat, pud, roasts and gravy. The gravy has to be enough to mop the meat and veg with, but not that much that everything is swimming. With the meat being of ample thickness. This meat was so well cooked that it just melted in your mouth. It wasn’t tough to cut at all. Sunday lunch perfect.

The vegetables come separately in three bowls. I’m quite fussy with vegetables, but the selection here was just right. I like being able to put what I like on my plate myself. All were cooked just right and I was happy to see proper chunky carrots.

 Now there’s no not mentioning the homemade Yorkshire puddings. A thing of homemade Sunday lunch goodness you may say. Yorkshire puds are Yorkshire puds to me, I’m not biased in the size department, as I grew up with my late mum’s Yorkshire ‘biscuit’ puds, but if I’m eating out, I like to see and eat them ‘proper.


As you can probably gather.

This Sunday lunch went down an absolute treat. So much so that we’ve visited at least four times now. Taking friends with us on two occasions, who have very much agreed on our boasts of it surely being the best Sunday lunch in Scarborough. A bold statement you may think, but as my tour still continues, I have yet to find a rival for it.

So, what are you waiting for… Get yourself booked in!

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