Read About What Happened In May.

May May, What a month. I have to say, I always struggle to remember what I’ve done during a month, thinking we haven’t done much, but writing these makes me think. I need a holiday.

Family, Social.

  • Scarborough played host to the Tour De Yorkshire again this year, by being the end stage. It was a great event for the town again, with Scarborough and the route to it through the villages packed with people cheering the teams on. We enjoyed watching them come through our village, but I failed as a blogger and photo-mad person by not taking my big camera and my phone battery going flat!
  • We’ve had some good family time/days out this month. The husband finally got his trip to Pizza Hut. I know, small things.
  • We visited our second home, The Grainary only once this month, for Sunday Lunch of course. If you missed my post, feast your eyes on this and get yourself booked in!
  • We also had our long awaited date night/night away, staying at a local restaurant/b&b The Plough Inn, Scalby. It was fantastic. Look out for the blog post.
  • Our friends little boy got baptised this month too, one his first birthday. It was a lovely day and the weather held up for a change.
  • I went along with my yummy mummies to one of our friends surprise baby shower. Was lovely to catch up with people without toddlers running rings around us and sit out in the garden with a glass of wine.
  • Malton Food Festival was also a success as always and a great family morning out. We tasted and had some amazing food and brought home from Toffee Vodka and of course fudge!


Me. Me. Me.

  • Had my monthly pamper/treat of getting my brows and hair done. Never any different, so I won’t witter on about it.
  • Primark, York finally opened this month. It’s been such a long time coming. I waited a few days after it’s opening to go. Weekday visits to places are so much easier and a little quieter. It’s a brilliant store. Not as big as Leeds, York only has two floors, but it’s big enough. I obviously picked up a few bits. This sleeveless jacket for example.
  • I’ve only got 6 weeks left on my course! Say whattt! Although on track with coursework, it is slightly daunting. I have 8 pieces of work to do. So what am I doing wittering on here, I hear you say. Good call.


Blog. Blog. Blog.

  • Now, bear with me on this one, as I know what you may say, but, the blog will be going through a bit of an update soon. I’ve been looking at moving to word press, just to get a bit more freedom and responsibility with my blog, but I just can’t justify the cost yet. So, I decided that a design tweak and a name change it would be. The name change would have happened anyway, had I transferred to word press, as it’s something I’ve contemplated for a while and just thought I needed to do it. I’m not going to divulge too much now, as I want it to be a surprise once it’s live. But I do hope you like it.

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  • Louise McDonagh

    I always seem to manage to miss Malton food festival, I must make a concerted effort next time. Look forward to seeing your revamp and, what June has to bring. 🙂

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