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Read About What Happened In June.


Halfway through the year.. Or 6 months to Christmas.. However you’d like to say it. The weather has made it a funny ole’ month. Here was my June..


  • A small town, just south of Scarborough called Filey hosted it’s own Food Festival this month. Having attended Malton’s and completely loved it, I thought it would nice to see what it had to offer. Granted it wasn’t on any scale compared to Malton’s, but there were some good stalls, plus it always makes me feel good when to buy local from smaller businesses. We came away with some amazing cupcakes, some homemade honey and lastly some Dandelion and Burdock.
  • This month saw the last two birthdays of the toddlers in our yummy mummy group. It’s so sad thinking they’re all three-nagers now and that this time next year they’ll be leaving preschool ready to start Primary School in the September! Where are our little boys going?!
  • With it being Daddies Day this month, Amelia from Amelia’s Chocolates was holding a workshop to make your daddy out of chocolate. I thought it would be a great thing for the toddler to do, which it was, but I think he was maybe a little young for it, but he did enjoy it, especially the playing of games and winning chocolates whilst we waited for our creations to set and harden! It turned out really well and daddy loved it. Amelia runs regular workshops and she recently set up a subscription box, which I wrote about here.
  • For daddies day, as we did for his birthday in February, we spent the day down at the beach. Playing on the 2p machines, making sandcastles on the beach and then indulging in steak pizza at Ask. You may/may not of seen on Twitter that I wasn’t entirely pleased with the starter we were given for our toddler. However, although taking a few days, I am happy to report that the manager from the restaurant got in touch to offer his apologies and it has all been rectified.
  • This month saw the number of Scarborough Bloggers rise from two to four. Having spoken to both Louise and Davina, I thought it was time that we organised a cake date with Rach and I, where we set the world to rights on the referendum and talked shop at a great little cake place called LoveBrew. Looking forward to seeing them all again soon and taking over the blogging world together.. Not. Ha.



Me, Myself and I.                                                                                                                                     

  • After the husband said our spare room resembled EBay, I thought it was time I gave in and did a car boot. The Grainary had advertised there’s, so I headed up there with a packed car. It was a great day, but I didn’t really sell much, but my neighbour mentioned doing the big car boot locally that’s part of the market the next day. It was a no-brainer as the car already packed. So a 5:45am wake up call the next day and I was off. I sold a bit more and made a profit, but still came home with too much. I may give it another whirl next month..
  • Had my normal monthly HD Brow appointment, as well as booking my friend her to have hers done for her birthday. I’d also co-ordinated it so I could have my lip fillers topped up at the same time as Eve was visiting from Botastic. I’ll be doing a separate blog on this treatment, so keep your eyes open.





  • Really loving my rebrand and redesign. It’s great to see ideas become real. Many thanks to Aly at Aleelilydesigns, once again, for the design and Sarah, who blogs here for her help with transferring to my new domain, which I completely bodged up!
  • The only saddening part, is that my DA is now practically 0. All that time spent getting to where I was, to loose it. I really hope PA’s and companies appreciate it. It was 26 honest! So, here’s to lots of blog admin and getting on track for the next month. I’ve tried to redirect from my old name to new, but for some reason I can’t.
  • Really feel like we’re getting there with outfit pictures. The husband is doing good. I’m not sure, but I think the plainer background works better at making the outfits stand out better. I sometimes feel like background landscape shots take away from what we’re actually shooting. But I could be wrong.. I’m especially pleased with this weeks outfit post pictures.



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  • Mel Burt

    It's so annoying when you lose the DA you spent so much time building up! If I knew how to redirect old domains to new ones I'd do my best to help you out but I'm completely clueless when it comes to this stuff.
    DA woes aside, it sounds like you had a really good month and the Ameila's Chocolates workshop sounds like such a great idea.

    Raise The Waves

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