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Comfy In Style.

A new location. A new photographer. Some old pieces. Same comfy Caroline style.

I say a new photographer, I’d like to point out from the outset that I am not firing my husband, he’s still onboard, however Rach has done an amazing job with these pictures! I love them. They were taken at a location in Leeds, under a bridge that I’d love to tell you where exactly but I have absolutely no idea! I’d met with Rach and a few other local bloggers to have an afternoon of outfit taking and chat and I thoroughly enjoyed it. 

This is a similar outfit to one I posted not long ago, however, it just works and the changes I’ve made truly show has versatile the newer pieces are. 

The Topshop drape blouse is an old, however the colour is stunning and I love the fit, it’s from the petite section. The second old item of this outfit are the heels, which are from New Look. I’m not sure you can appreciate from the pictures, but they are two tone, with a black front and white back. They are fast becoming a go to heel for heading out.

Lastly, you may notice, but, these are a new pair of jeans. Don’t you just love wearing a new pair of jeans..

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