Things That Happened In July.

3rd August 2016crelgey

This one’s been quite busy. But some great memories made also.



  • We popped by a local village’s gala one Sunday, which the sun decided to show its face for. It was very small with a few local stalls and the normal homemade cakes etc and also a display by a local dance studio, plus a fairly decent sizes inflatable bouncy ship to navigate through to a slide at the end which went down a storm!
  • Attended a friend’s daughters baptism in a village close to Bridlington. Again, the weather held out for us and she’d booked a bouncy castle for the children to enjoy outside, so again, our little boy was happy. It was a lovely ceremony also, with the little girl being dressed in quite a traditional long dress/outfit. She looked completely confused as to what was going on, but she didn’t make a peep and looked adorable.
  • Spent a long weekend in Jedburgh on the Scottish borders at my uncle and auntie’s static caravan. We’ve visited and stayed before, but when we had our own tourer caravan, so it was nice this time to have a bit more space and not have to ‘set up’! We visited Jedburgh briefly and then headed to a place nearby called Harestanes, which is a type of visitor centre with walks around the grounds, onsite cafe and shop, play area and also workshops with local businesses. While my auntie and uncle walked their two rottweiler’s, we took advantage of the brilliant outdoor play area. We grabbed some lunch there too, before making our way up the road to the Donkey sanctuary. We’d not been there before, but it was really quite fun. Though, extremely busy. We did get a chance to feed the donkeys, but it was quite a walk around their fields with our tired toddler ending up on daddies shoulders.
  • So the schools all broke up at the end of this month. Before they did we enjoyed watching preschool’s sports day, which was truly heartwarming. Seeing all the children doing their races and being so excited. They all got a medal at the end too which I thought was so lovely. Preschool also organised a end of year trip to the beach which was great. it was another great day and we all met at the North bay Railway station and boarded the train to take us to the beach, which the children thoroughly enjoyed.
  • The husband and I finally got a date night. Seeing James Bay at the Open Air Theatre. Considering we both went only thinking we knew one song, it was a fantastic evening. He’s such a guitarist. I also recognised a few songs that I’d heard on the radio. The husband was quick to download his album when we got home which has been played at every opportunity since. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on when he’s next touring.


Me, Myself And I.

  • The month started off really well with a trip to Leeds with my local blogging buddy Rach to attend a Bloggers Brunch hosted by Jaywing PR. It was held at Banyan Bar in Leeds city centre and was a perfect location. Not only because I’ve never been there before, but the decor and food were so good. It’s definitely somewhere I’ll be returning. The morning was spent networking with other bloggers, talks from Jaywing on how they are looking to build better bridges and relationships with bloggers and asked for our opinions on this which I thought was great. There was then a talk by the lovely Hannah Gale, a fabulous full-time blogger. Who basically answered all the questions general put to her like, how did she get started, what’s her background, how does she get paid etc. It was really quite insightful and I definitely left feeling inspired.
  • I HAVE A JOB! I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this on all my social media, but those who I’m friends with on Facebook will already know this. I’m so excited, shocked and relieved. The job is at the school where I have been doing my placement for my course, whoever it’s in their preschool. Which, apart from having my own toddler, if an age group I haven’t really been working with or learning too much about, plus when a woman on my course said she’d applied for the job also, I was pretty sure I wouldn’t get it.. BUT I DID. It’s part-time to being with, but will more than likely increase, which is great, as my little boy has a year left at preschool before he starts full-time school in Sept 2017.
  • My course has also come to an end. All work handed in. There’s not really a chance of failing it, as if when our work is checked the moderator they feel we haven’t answered something full enough, then our tutor will get in touch and ask for additional notes or just ask us a question that will be logged to cover it. As a pat on the back to us all, as we’ve really become quite good friends by the end of it, we went out for a meal to a local Italian in the town called Tricalos for some food and a few drinks, with our tutor also. It was a great night and I’m sure we’ll stay in touch and go out again.
  • No month is complete without my hair and brow appointments. Oh, how I love these appointments. It’s so simple, yet so great.

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    21st August 2016 at 1:18 pm

    So jealous you've been to see James Bay! I love him 🙂 I also love your tattoos!!! I'd love to have a full sleeve done one day. x

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