Camel Coat Outing One Of Many To Come.

Yes I’m finally part of the ‘crew’. I am now the happy owner of a camel coat. I’ve waited and lusted for so long and I couldn’t love it more. Good things do come to those who wait. Here’s how I’ve begun to style it.

camel coat

new look camel coat

Isn’t the camel coat such a versatile item? Similar to that of the popular trench coat, however fitted coats like that aren’t my thing. even though I’d still like one.

I hadn’t really thought much about what a camel coat could be styled with. It’s just been on my lust list for over a year now. I like the in-between of a boyfriend and a structured fit. This New Look coat is just perfect in that way. The two buttons mean that a bulky scarf can easily be worn and you can still walk with the gap at the bottom.

On this day I thought I’d style it up a little, with my new favourite Zara heels and sticking with my khaki love as we roll into Autumn/Winter, with this simple H&M Polo Neck. The sunglasses were an absolute bargain from Primark at £1. Yes, £1.

 I may try a more casual look next..

 So now I’m in the camel coat club, what’s next?


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