Things That Happened In September.

5th October 2016crelgey


  • Made the most of the school holidays by finally taking a trip to Bridlington Leisure Centre. It’s been on a list to visit for a little while and although I had been waiting until school had started so it would be less busy, I couldn’t hold out. They’ve recently had a complete makeover of the whole leisure centre and have added a ‘splash zone’ to the pool area, which has two slides, for adults/older children, then a play frame for the youngers, with two mini slides, play tables and a big ole’ bucket above it all that fills with water and then empties it all over the frame area. We had a great time, plus it’s so well priced. We’ll definitely be returning with daddy next time.
  • We had a Monopoly evening! Yes, you read that right. The hubby and I have been playing it on the odd evening, but I always lost and we thought it would be more fun to play it with some friends, so we invited our friends round. We had Chinese, drank and played Monopoly. And I didn’t lose! Woohoo! We also tried to teach them the card game New Market, but I think they were a little worse for wear to understand it. Does anyone else remember New Market as a child?
  •  Back to football we go! Well, the toddler that is. He really began to enjoy it before the summer holidays, so we were sure to get him back to it when it restarted. I, however, wasn’t planning on joining in and regretted my footwear choice of flip-flops.. Ouch!
  • It was my late dads birthday at the end of this month. His ashes aren’t close by, so deciding not to take a trip to them, we headed to the next best place to remember him.. Our local pub. it’s changed a lot since my dad propped up the bar, but he’d still be there today if he was with us. Plus we’ve been saying for some time now that we needed to visit to try out the food, so two birds one stone and all that.
  • Castle Howard’s Christmas events tickets went on sale this month and OH what a morning I had! I can only compare it to the madness of the Next sale! As any person will know who has sat patiently at their computer awaiting tickets to go online to try and book, it was touch and go, touch and go! I ended up booking them. On my phone. Standing in Morrisons car park at my car about to put my shopping (which I’d practically ran around the shop collecting) in the boot. But I did it. I got them. If you’re wanting to know what I’m talking about, I wrote about it here. I am, now, very much looking forward to it.



  • I love getting my hair done. More so this time, as the toddler was at school, hubby at work and I just sat there and enjoyed it, without having to really rush or get back to anyone. I’d love to go in and have a full overhaul, but my hair is so fine and damaged that my hairdresser ended my ‘grey’ dream. So I just got a little more than normally taken off the ends. Any tips on hair masques or products to help with strengthening damaged hair would be great.
  • I’ve started my job! I am finally a working woman. (finally after nearly 4 years) I was and have been a little nervous for all that’s expected of me, however, it’s been great that I’d already been volunteering there for 6 months before I got this job, so I already knew the school, the staff and it’s a day to day happenings. I’ve had to get to know the children, however, there’s not too many of them and with being in so often, it’s been easy. I get on really well with the other two ladies who work in the Preschool and have started to have my say and input into daily activities etc, which has been well received by them and the children.



  • If I don’t say so myself, some good content has gone up on the ole’ blog this month. The pictures in my Welcome to Beverley, The Potting Shed post I’m especially happy with. I can’t wait to return to sample their menu. Also, the pictures from my First Day outfit post that Rachel took in the beautiful Peasholm Park in our town. I wrote about the park here. If you’re ever visiting the town, be sure to take a walk around. It’s very tranquil and so picturesque.
  • I’m really happy where my blog is at the moment. I have some great posts to come in the next month or two and I CANNOT wait for December and the Christmas posts to start.

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  • New Girl in Toon

    5th October 2016 at 7:14 am

    Love the sound of Monopoly Evening – board games in the colder months (with wine) sounds like such a great idea!

    I really need to get some Christmas stuff booked!

  • Jess Drury

    5th October 2016 at 9:36 am

    Sounds like you've had a lovely month! I've been using the bleach reincarnation mask once a week on my hair, it's lovely! Mine's bleach blonde so it's quite damaged on the ends but this makes it all soft and silky 🙂 Only £6 too!


  • Kelly McKenny

    7th October 2016 at 2:18 pm

    I haven't been to Bridlington Leisure Centre for years but we always went when we were n holiday over that area! 🙂

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