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12th October 2016crelgey

Bedtime. We all love it and can’t wait for it. No more so than in the Autumn months. Autumn brings out our animal instinct. Well, it does for me anyway. The hibernation instinct that is. This meaning you want the best sleep. Right?

The change in the season not only signals a change in our wardrobes and lip colours, but it also means it becomes perfectly appropriate and more so acceptable to come home in those dark evenings, put on your pyjamas, grab a hot drink and laze the evenings away before heading to that big ole’ snuggly thing we all love – Our bed.

alphabet cushions

As I’m sure many other people do, our duvet and its covers change between the seasons. Warmer months all for a thinner duvet and spring-like covers, then as the season turns, the air gets cooler, the trees start changing it calls for a thicker tog of a duvet and new covers. Brushed cotton and quilted bed sets by Yorkshire Linen are my favourites for these months, as they offer texture and more so, extra warmth! This Mexicana set also has an Autumn feel to it that I kind of like.
Our duvet also being king size instead of a double to match our bed means that it is also extra snuggly! Apart from when your husband or poorly toddler steals it. Boo!

I must mention also, that our duvet changes in December alone. As soon as the 1st hits and the tree and decorations go up, it means the Christmas bedding comes out. Don’t laugh. I know you’re googling some right now, here’s one for you to browse at Ho Ho Ho. Think of the Instagram pictures.

bedroom inspo

Other things that can help us have a comfier nights sleep are, drinking a mug of warm milk or chamomile tea before bed. A perfect idea for the colder Autumn/Winter evenings. Something that takes me back to my childhood bedtimes.

Also, creating an ambience in your room. For example, lowering light levels, by changing the watt of light bulbs, or, a bloggers favourite, lighting candles. I always have candles lit on an evening. Yankee being my candle of choice. For Halloween I have Candy Corn and Fireside Treats, then comes my festive favourite, Spiced Apple.


So, if you need me over these months, you know where I’ll be.

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  • monica hein

    22nd October 2016 at 10:22 pm

    I have to pick few sheets 🙂 love e some comfy pj's and light of course. I have a white xmas lights around my headboard and they make a huge difference. I love them also i have few candles waiting for me to light them up

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