Check Mate In My Pinafore.

Is me in a dress becoming normal yet? It seems to be happening a bit too much recently, but, do you know what, I kind of like a pinafore.. and I think they kind of like me too.


New Look pinafore

Olivia Burton midi watch

 New Look olive green boots

When I was searching for some staple pieces for my work wardrobe, I knew straight away I needed at least one pinafore. However, not being a previous pinafore wearer, or as you know, general dress wear, I wasn’t sure if they would love me back. But it turns out, if I don’t say so myself, that I think they do. Plus, as soon as I saw this dark green checked one on the New Look site, I knew I had to have it. This positive meeting then spurred me to make another pinafore purchase that will be on the blog very soon, so keep your eyes open.

The boots are another New Look purchase. I’d found the pinafore and then, as if by fate, these boots flashed up somewhere. They looked like the perfect match. They’re so comfy and although never a green fan, I love the colour/shade. However my negative is the material. They’re suede like. I literally grimace everytime I wear them as I don’t want to get them dirty or scuffed. I much prefer more leather like materials, they both feel and look a little more hard wearing. It wont put me off wearing them as such, just maybe not when it’s wet!


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