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With the colder months setting in, what better time to thoroughly enjoy the warmth of good food. Enter today’s review of Sunday Lunch Filey and at White Lodge Hotel.

For those who don’t know the area, Filey is a small town on the East coast of Yorkshire. It sits in between the more well known/established towns of Scarborough and Bridlington. That being said, Filey brings a sense of calm, between two towns that are fast becoming very Blackpool-like. It’s a place to go of any age to appreciate the beach, the coastline, the sea and a good ole’ wonder. With just a pinch of the amusements and tat shops that come with being a seaside town.

The White Lodge Hotel is perfectly situated at the end, or the beginning if you prefer, of The Crescent. A road adorned with Instagram-friendly white homes and hotels, overlooking some beautiful gardens and below that, The Beach road and pretty self-explanatory, the beach.

White Lodge, Filey

The exterior of White Lodge, apart from being white and blending in with its neighbours, plus having a substantial sized outdoor seating and grass area with matching rattan furniture, doesn’t do much for what you’re welcomed with stepping in. I was quite hesitant as to what lay inside, but upon entering the restaurant area, a smile and wide eyes came across my face. It was perfect. The bar area and beyond was simply and freshly decorated. The pale greys and blues complimented the sea, which sat in the background as a stunning backdrop to the open restaurant that was mostly glass. This allowing you to really make the most of where you were whilst eating. Very much a key point to Sunday Lunch Filey.

White Lodge, Filey.

White Lodge, Filey. 

We were shown to our table which was perfectly set. It became aware that most tables were booked, which settled our minds a little. For a while we were the only people there and a wonder of what the food/Sunday Lunch would be like set in. A jug of water arrived swiftly after we were seated, along with the choice of a bread roll, whilst awaiting our order, which is always a lovely touch.

It’s always nice eating at places that appreciate their visitors wanting to know where their food has come from. More so from a business perspective, it’s great knowing local businesses support each other. It was great to see this is the case with White Lodge. At the bottom of their menus, was a statement saying this, which actually made us a little excited for our main course. The supplier, Glaves of Brompton, is one of our favourite butchers whom we use ourselves.

White Lodge, Filey.

 With a choice of Butternut Squash soup, Breaded Fish cakes, Chicken Pate or Melon Pearls, I decided on the Breaded Fish Cakes for a starter. The cakes came well presented and accompanied by a small pot of homemade tartare sauce.

Although breaded, the cakes had a crunchy exterior, so had possibly been fried, however, this was not evident at all through taste. Although they were fish, they were a little tasteless and could have done with a bit more fish, but, as a starter, they filled the hole. The tartare sauce was amazing and definitely made the dish.

Sunday Lunch Filey
 Sunday Lunch, Filey

So, here it is. Sunday Lunch Filey. As Rhianna/Calvin Harris says, this is what we came for. Isn’t it just perfect? Not that I’ve forgotten, but looking at these pictures just makes me want to eat it all over again. Which, I’m sure we will be.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m (becoming) quite particular on my Sunday Lunch experiences and presentation. I prefer to be served a plate with just the meat and Yorkshire pudding, the main shall we say, with the vegetables – quality over quantity, to come separately on the side. Which, is exactly the case here. The beef was beautifully laid across roast potatoes and covered in gravy – which, we have to mention. I like a good meaty gravy, not necessarily rich, but meaty. However, my husband and I were both confused as to the taste of this gravy. It was nice and edible, don’t get me wrong, but it was a new taste. My husband concluded that it tasted like tomato soup. Looking back at these pictures, you can see a colouring in the gravy that may be this.

The beef itself was lovely and it was a surprise to be asked upon ordering how we would like our beef cooking, rare or well done. The vegetables were also lovely, a good choice of favourites all round.

Lastly, but by no means least – the desserts. Who would we be if we hadn’t of tried one for you? The choices were: Apple Pie, Blackberry Eton mess, Honey Creme Brûlée and Vanilla cheesecake. I opted for the cheesecake, which came, as you can see, well presented on a plate with a strawberry and a dollop of chocolate sauce. I’m not entirely sure on the strawberry and chocolate sauce, whether it ‘goes’ with the cheesecake, but if anything it added some colour.

The cheesecake itself was perfectly sized and although it didn’t say so, I’d go as far to say that, in the most positive way if it is, that it was homemade. The base was just right and the cheesecake part was so light and fluffy. I actually shared this dessert with my husband and toddler, which resulted in many ooh’s and ahh’s in agreement that is was AMAZING!

In conclusion, we thoroughly enjoyed out first visit to White Lodge Hotel and sampling Sunday Lunch Filey. I can’t thank them enough for the invitation and welcoming myself and family.

The White Lodge’s Sunday Lunches are priced at £14.95 pp main course, £17.95 pp for two courses and £19.95 pp for all three courses.


White Lodge Hotel

The Crescent,


YO14 9JX

01723 514771



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