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November self portrait

I’m actually quite excited writing this November catch up, as it means IT’S NEARLY CHRISTMAS! (that was said in a Noddy voice ok?! – and that’s Noddy Holder not Noddy and his red and yellow car.. Just to clear that up!)



  • It’s been a while since we visited The Grainary, so I decided November was the month and booked us in for one of their amazing Sunday Lunches! Although the food was yummy as always, the weather was sadly against us, so we didn’t stay too long, which the toddler wasn’t happy about, as he wanted to play. Note to me: Wear wellies next time!


  • The town welcomed Santa in on his boat early this month. Yes, you read that right: Santa.Came in.On a.Boat. In November! We’re a seaside town. That’s how we roll here. Alright. He then jumped on his sleigh and headed up the town centre to sit in his grotto of Boyes, which is a very old department store. It was so nice this year as toddler really understood and enjoyed waving at Santa and wanted to see his get on his sleigh. I can’t wait for next month and all we have planned.


  • Christmas has definitely arrived a little early in November.. The Coca-Cola truck is on tour and has visited. This is something we’ve done since having our toddler, so this is the 4th year. It is pretty lame I guess.. But, we had a festive drink in Costa and met up with some friends, oh, and bought our Thornton’s chocolate advent calendars, so, it’s all good.



  • Anyone else a bit unimpressed by the ‘Black Friday’ offerings? I’ve been on a bit of a spending ban, but I had two things I was most definitely ready for and that was the Amazon Fire Kids 7″ tablet and a 45mm lens for the Olympus Pen. (Myself AND my bank account would of been in dire straits had BOTH been in the sale!..) But as it turned out, neither were. But, I will still keep checking and hunting. But if anyone sees them on sale/reduced, PLEASE TELL ME! (but not my bank account..)


This Space.

  • Had a bit of a break on the blog this month due to a family bereavement. Which actually turned out to be quite a welcomed break. Not that I don’t enjoy it all or feel stressed by it, but just that, it gave me chance to step back, read some blogs and made me refocus on what I want from it all. My blog has changed a lot, and has changed already once this year, but I think migrating to word press is something that I cannot put off any longer. I feel I really need to do it. I have an idea of what I want my content to look like and I just can’t achieve it with blogger.. So watch out.. Change is a coming.



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