Bedtime Shirt Dressing With Apricot.

Second outfit post of the year and I’m bringing you a dress. But this isn’t any bedtime shirt dress, it’s an Apricot longline shirt dress and it’s pretty perfect.

zara studded clutchapricot dresslongline shirt dress

If you’re a regular reader, or just know me IRL, you’ll know that dresses haven’t been, but started to become more my thing late last year. Wow, how weird does it sound saying last year. So, since never being a dress wearer, even as a child, and even when I’ve tried to like dresses, they basically have just never liked me and that’s how we’ve left it over the years. But late last year I bought a shirt dress. And, well, it was a game changer for me. It was perfect. Straight up, straight down. But not in a style that it looks like it could fit another of you in it.

So you won’t now be surprised to learn and see that I’ve added another to my collection from the Apricot sale. This longline shirt, (although reminding me of a bed shirt) at only £10 may I add!, is perfect in that it is 100% cotton, has a dipped hem and the slits on the sides make it non-restricting.

I decided to style up this dress as it looks so casual. Just to prove that it is a pretty versatile dress. I chose to add black jean leggings underneath, with this leather style jacket my lovely auntie got me for Christmas. I love the ‘stitch’ like detail. Lastly, my faithful Zara heels.

What do you think? –


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