I love a wish list, who doesn't. I'm trying to be less impulsive. She said. Every year. Here's my wish list on my blog.


Not a payday wish list as I am in no position to buy all of this, or even a quarter – But items I plan to purchase.. At some point.

I know this is quite a materialistic thing to do, especially in that I’m trying to be more mindful and grateful for the non-materialistic/free things in life such as health, family and good friends – But you can’t beat a good wish list and I’ll always be drawn to beautiful things.

There are some practical things on this here wish list though – workout/fitness gear. Which I am actually in need of. I haven’t bought anything new in over a year and well, let’s just leave that there. And who doesn’t need a watch! A very practical item I think.. Yes, I have no phone and yes, two other ‘fashion’ watches, but what’s one more. Four watches aren’t classed as a collection or hoard is it! Is it?.

The Clinique foundation I’ve recently added to my paper wish list. Though again I’m trying not to follow trends and be influenced, but I have seen a few people mention they were picking this up, however not being a beauty blogger or really following any or watching those types of YouTube videos, I have no clue how people have got on with it, so I plan to get a sample and go from there.

Liz Earle. EVERYBODY needs some Liz Earle in their lives and mine, well, it hasn’t been the same without her for the past two months and so it’s back to what I know and love. If you haven’t tried her Cleanse and Polish regime, then WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!?.. Go, go click on the link and you’ll never look back!


    • crelgey

      I LOVE the watch.lol I’ve not really tried much Clinique, so thought I might give it a whirl and yes, Liz Earle is and always will be my go to. 🙂

  • Laura

    I am rather obsessed with Liz Earle these days. Her products smell so good as well as making my skin v happy! Also loved the trainers so much that I clicked through to see if I could pick some up… but they are out of stock – boo!!!

    Laura xx | Loved By Laura

    • crelgey

      Me too, she’s always my fall back or go to when I’ve tried something new and shouldn’t have.lol Oh no! I have small feet, so can actually fit in better with junior trainers, so maybe try JD Sports. 🙂 xx

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