Here We Are Again And Apologies.

10th February 2017crelgey

OK, I have to apologise that, you may, may not have noticed that this outfit is pretty dam similar to last weeks. My bad. I honestly didn’t realise until I began editing the pictures..

.. least I can say I know my style and colour palette. Which you wont be surprised in seeing, if you followed me through summer last year, that my khaki love continues. And yes, apology two goes to the fact that I have a stain on my jumper. What can I say. I’m a part housewife and mother to a toddler.. But I believe this stain is grease and wont come out. I just really wanted to feature this jumper.

So now to waffle on too much again about similar items to last week but.. I LOVE THIS JACKET. It’s just perfect in every way. Perfect thickness perfect fit, perfect style, perfect colour, perfect length. Yes, Yes, Yes. Plus it was in the sale. PERFECT.

I’m also quite onboard with belt styling now. Thank you for your comments on last weeks outfit about it too. It really helped settle my mind. It’s sometimes good to try new things.


What do you think to my hair? –


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