When I became An Individually Influenced Influencer.

Quite the tougne twister of title. But I thought it was quite appropriate to how I’m feeling recently. Plus, I feel I like the word ‘influencer’ better than ‘blogger’. It just has a better sound to it.

h&m bomber jacketI'm an influencerkhaki shirtanimal print boots

Being an ‘influencer’ sounds a lot more professional than using the term ‘blogger’ I think. When people ask, I always say that I’m a blogger, which is generally met with a confused look and ‘oh’. However, if I were to say ‘influencer’, which would be more than likely met with the same response and a question of ‘what’s that?’, I’d probably reply saying that I blog. – So I’m a blogger. Yeah.

As I’m sure you’ve gathered over recent posts, I’m finally beginning to settle into my own personal style, but also still dipping my toe in the water of trying new things. So, as trivial it might sound, wearing a belt and actually having it on show is something I tend to not really do. But I’m actually liking the length it gives my body. I mean, I’m 5.4, I need all the help in the longer legs department! This H&M bomber jacket was a toe-dipping purchase also, which has paid off. I love it and it’s actually surprisingly warm. Plus the blue lining will coordinate well with the denim I’m always wearing.




    I like this.. a lot! I always struggle with telling people i’m a blogger.. mostly because, here in this little farming town people still haven’t caught on to what blogging actually is! An online influencer sounds like a great title!
    Hope you’ve had fun finding your style, i think im still trying to find my now.. trouble with me is i’m fickle, lol!
    The boots are fabulous (i also have them and love them)

    • crelgey

      Aw thank you Rachel. I agree. I live in a small village near a seaside town. So can completely relate! I’m still finding it, but feeling more confident in choices. I believe we’re all fickle. Dependant on our mood, surroundings, people in our circles, seasons, age etc. I love you ‘style’ though. I believe we’re both for the comfy. 🙂 xx

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