Things That Happened in January.

1st February 2017crelgey

Blue January. Is that even a thing?! You know what I’m getting at right. It’s been a painfully long month. Financially anyway. But we made it.



  • New Years Day in our village means it’s compulsory to spend the day in the pub. OK, maybe it’s not written like that, but basically, there’s a tug-of-war over the River Derwent which separates our village into two – East and West, with the winner becoming the proud owner of a shield and being the ‘better’ village. However, it’s all done in good humour. After three pulls a winner is decided but both sides parties jump into the river for handshakes. Having been in our village for 24 years I’ve seen this be done in anything from ‘good’ weather, to very icy weather. The tradition is that the losing side goes to the winning sides pub, however, over the years, we’ve tended just to go to our own. So it’s totally acceptable to be in the pub from 1130am on new years day.
  • I enjoyed a new year catch up with the lovely Louise at a local coffee shop that I’ve been wanting to visit in quite a while. It was lovely to see Louise, being a local blogger also and put some of the world to rights and chat blogging. The coffee shop was lovely, as real industrial-like feel. The cake selection was a bit poor. Not being a nut fan, apart from scones there wasn’t really anything that I liked. But I’m not put off and would like to re-visit for some actual food maybe.
  • Went to my friends surprise Baby shower, which was hosted by her sister. It was lovely to see some mummy friends and catch up, as it’s a real rarity that we actually get to talk as we generally just meet for ‘play dates’ with the toddler, so 90% of the time we’re running after them and doing conflict resolution over toys.


All About Me.

Quite trivial things this month.. It’s been a quiet and long month OK. 🙂

  • I got a new phone! Before you all assume it’s an iPhone, it’s not. Samsung S7. I know.. Shocker. I’ve had one iPhone in my lifetime and although it’s a nice phone, I prefer Samsung.
  • I have a crush. Actually, I quite dislike that word, it reminds me of being 12 and this Aaron Carter classic in particular (which I admit to having the album and using the instrumental to one of his songs as my gymnastic floor music).. But back to the point. Ashley Brooke. This lady is just, to use another buzz word, GOALS. The lovely Victoria featured Ashley in her Girl Bosses Who Are Killin’ It post at the beginning of the year and from that point, I followed, as I do, Ashley on every social platform she graced and within a couple of weeks, I’d watched 90% of her YouTube videos. She is, as Victoria quite rightly states, so relatable and dare I say, normal. Her vlogs generally consist of her in trainers, thrown together outfits and her going to the shops for food and shopping, sometimes without a handbag! A girl after my own heart! She is giving me so much inspiration it’s crazy.


This Space.

  • I feel my blog game has started strong this year. I have some great people in my life, including those that I met through 2016. I also feel I have some good bridges with brands and PA’s, which I’m hoping to strengthen this year and onwards.
  • I know I’ve mentioned my outfit photography before, but onto of my word press move, I’m just so proud of my little space on the world wide web. It been far from easy getting to a point where I can say that, especially as how ridiculous as it may sound to some. I wrote a little about my struggles in my New Year, For Me post earlier this month. It was possibly the rawest, honest and personal post I’ve ever written in four years. I don’t want sympathy. I’ve refused help. But sadly, no matter how you try to not let them, things happen and they change you. Hopefully by, not explaining, but opening up myself, it might help people, hopefully, understand me.

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