I spend a lot of time at home, which results in my constant thinking of updates and changes to our home. It was the living rooms turn. Here's my thoughts on it's decor and interior changes, on my blog.


We’ve been in our home for just over four years. It is a bungalow, with an upstairs conversion, giving us seven medium-sized rooms, a hallway and a conservatory. Taking it over from my parents and with the soon arrival of our little boy meant we did a lot of work in a short space of time to make it our home.

This resulted in not much ‘planning’ or real imagination and thought to go into how we wanted rooms in our home to ‘feel’ or ‘become’ as a room. Don’t get me wrong, we don’t live in some higgledy-piggledy mismatched house. Over the four years, additions have been made to ‘tie’ rooms and ‘themes’ together. However, this is where we’re at now. We’re at a point of wanting to update the rooms and do them ‘properly’. Architrave, skirting boards and all.


So I bring you the Living Room Edit:


Current Living Room.

Our living room currently has a very warm/cosy/minimalist (minus the toddler toys stacked in the corner *cough*) feel to it. Although somewhere we reside all year round, we wanted it to be warm and cosy, as in lighter/warmer evenings, we’d spend time in the conservatory, which is a nice chilled space.

The colours that currently adorn this room are, as I’ve said, of a warm palette. Red, brown, black. This is something that we don’t intend on changing, as it’s mostly the furniture where the brown comes in: units and sofas, not so easy to change unless a lottery win happens (you never know!). Plus with a feature wall already in place, we plan to bring colours from this into the room to work alongside the existing brown.

So enter Pinterest and my new love of all things interior and decor. My free time recently has been spent pinning and saving. However, it’s not only wall colours that have been on my mind. Although we have yet to put paint to the wall, apart from the small rectangle of sample shades that is, I’m already thinking of accessories to add to the room. I’m talking:

  • hug-like throws,
  • indoor plants that I can’t kill,
  • decorative lanterns,
  • Hyggelit lighting,
  • oh, and a new UHD TV Panasonic.

Yeah maybe not so Hygge, but our TV is five years old and in TV years and how technology has changed, that’s quite old. That’s our reasoning and we’re sticking to it. Alright.


Let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves, we need to put some paint on the walls first. So here’s so a few more sample posts and I’ll be back to update you soon. Hopefully.

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