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The Copper Horse, based in Seamer, Scarborough, isn’t a new restaurant. It’s somewhere the husband and I have visited a few times before. However, after their extensive refurbishment, reopening in May 2016, it was somewhere we really had to revisit. More so since they won a Les Routiers Restaurant Of The Year 2017 Award.


Initial Thoughts.

I’d briefly visited after it’s reopening for lunch and could not believe the transformation. There is, though, a definite difference between visiting a place at different times of the day. Some have that day-time coffee feel, where others are best in the evening where the ambiance of table lights and candles take over. The Copper Horse is exactly that.

That’s not to say that this isn’t somewhere to lunch at, as it most definitely is and I fully recommend the Chicken Caesar Salad.

copper decorthe copper horse restaurant the copper horse decor

The Copper Horse isn’t part of a major ‘chain’, but is part of a group of three other local establishments. I know them all well and can say that although they are similar in some of their decor, they have each kept their own individuality in regards to their name and building. You can read about Our Evening Meal at The Plough.

The coin table, pictured above, was a great feature. I was completely struck by it. Placed near a fire with two leather armchairs, it couldn’t have looked more perfect.


Our Meal.

First to arrive was this gorgeous freshly homemade bread loaf and garlic butter. If I’d have stayed sat at the coin table, next to the fire with this for the rest of the evening, I’d have been an extremely happy lady. It was so good.

Now, although the menu caters perfectly for every palette, allergy and preference, my husband and I both ordered steak. In hindsight, I should have really ordered something different to give a more well-rounded review of what the Copper Horse has to offer, but I like steak.

Although much to my husband’s disgust, I have my steak cooked medium to well done and drowned in peppercorn sauce.

the copper horse food

As with my love of Sunday Lunch aesthetics, I like the focus to be on my steak. I’d rather pay for a decent cut and cooked steak than for all the accompaniments like chips, onion rings etc. The Copper Horse have this just right. Although I did leave the tomato. Never been a fan of grilled tomato. The steaks are actually cooked in the Bertha oven, over charcoal and reaching temperatures of up to 500 degrees. Impressive. The chips were triple fried and perfect. Onion rings are always a treat, though always filling.

Somehow I also squeezed in this most wonderful Stick Toffee Pudding. Yes, dreams do come true and this is it. It was perfect. Maybe this and the loaf of break sat at the coin table..


We really enjoyed our toddler-free, part Valentine’s/early husband’s birthday evening out here and will definitely be returning. The Crispy Chicken, Chorizo, and smoked mayo is calling my name.


The Copper Horse

Main Street



Yo12 4RF

01723 862029




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