The 5 Woes Of A Bloggers Husband. The struggle is real. We all want the perfect pictures and they get dragged everywhere. Poor Instagram Husbands. Have a read on my blog.
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A blogger’s husband.

Husbands. Wives. Boyfriends. Girlfriends. Partners. Best friends. Dads. Mums. Grandparents. Aunties. Uncles. Brothers. Sisters. This post is dedicated to them all. A true reflection of being with or knowing a blogger.

My husband. A father, with a full-time job and a hobby of his own, is also my photographer, listener of drafted posts, driver, sometimes ATM and all-round blogging cheerleader.

However. And there is a, however. Even though he gets to experience the perks of being with me, he’d be the first to raise his hand if asked to talk about the not so exciting parts of being a blogger’s husband. So this post is dedicated to that. To a selection of situations and conversations that we regularly have.

Take with humor.


Taking Outfit Pictures.

“Look at these pictures. This is what I want. Can you do that?” – 

Ah, otherwise known as the ‘Insta-Husband’.

This was something I did when I wanted to restart posting weekly outfit posts in late 2015. My husband takes good pictures, don’t get me wrong, but I knew what I wanted aesthetically, so I browsed my favourite sites and showed him to give him a visual to aim for. I thought this as helpful. I’d say it worked, he’s doing good. He’s a keeper.


“Can we go back out and shoot these again?” / “I know you took like 100 pictures, but they’re not right.” / “No, none of them..” – 

Even with all the groundwork above, you’re never going to get it right the first time, especially if you’re not taking the pictures yourself, as you are, of course, the only one that knows EXACTLY what you want. Over the course of last year, this only actually happened three times. Not bad going. Annoying, yes. But not bad at all. It’s not a case of every single photo being ‘bad’ on useable, just maybe more that some are out of focus. Or there aren’t the close-ups/detail pictures that I wanted. I know, more training is needed.


“Yes! I’m getting changed in the car.” – 

I’d love to say we’ve all done it.. Have we? For me, it’s not a common occurrence. However, it has happened when I’ve wanted to make the most of my husband being more ‘willing’, or that I need the extra pictures and that we’re not able to shoot the following week. It’s not the easiest place to get changed.

I’d love to know if anyone has one of those tents that I’ve heard about. That looks like they have an electrician sat inside.


Date night/Family Day.

If she says, “fancy a date night to..” / “I think we need a family trip to..” / “I’ve always fancied going to..” –

It’s from a blogging perspective. I’m not going to lie. Though, every place we go offers us an opportunity to blog/Instagram/snap about it. We don’t want to go to the same places over and over. There’s only so many times you can re-feature some places. Plus it’s great to find local new places to visit, isn’t it? That’s my justification and I’m sticking to it.


“Don’t eat it yet..” / “Just move your hands away from the plate..” –

Not what a starving male wants to hear when you’ve come out for some food, I know, but needs must. It’s only a small ask and the quicker and less argument that follows after asking, means the quicker the photos can be taken and you can get eating! Surely? Am I right?


Could you add any to the list? –


  • Kel

    hahaha yup I bet there’s many a bogger boyfriend/husband who can relate to this !
    One of the reasons I dont do outfit posts is I can’t get someone else to take the pictures the way I want them to look, so you do have your guy very well trained!
    And you’ve just highlighted the main reaso the best people to go out to eat with are other bloggers!

    • crelgey

      Haha it’s been a long journey.. but we made it. :p There’s still room for improvement. Our main issue is not always him, its that we always have a toddler with us too, who wants to be involved and runs riot.. So patience isn’t always good! And yes! Blogger dates are the way forward! x

  • Stephanie canham

    Oh this is so funny and can relate to it all!!!! I can hear myself saying ALL of the those things to my hubby, although he’s very good with the “don’t touch the food yet” because he now takes pics for his own instagram!!! He improving on the photography front too but we’ll still need 100’s of shots to get one or two decent ones! Bless them.

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