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22nd March 2017crelgey

I’ve got manly dry hands. That is the only true description I can give. Or maybe hands of a manual worker? I definitely inherited my dads hands, shall we say. They’re not what I would call feminine. And apart from maybe as a stand-in for a male, there’s no chance of me being a hand model. Anytime. Ever. I personally feel the thing that makes them so manly are my knuckles. Now, I get it that with how the skin flexes over the knuckles when you clench that some wrinkling is inevitable, but.. yeah.

dry hands

Anyway. I’ve basically always had dry hands. Again, as with a lot of things, it just isn’t something that I think regularly about. However, I really should. Had I, I may not have the hands I have now. But moving forward, it is something I’m very aware of now and something that I’m trying to combat and work with. –

With that in mind, I thought I’d share with you, some products I’m currently loving and more so, that are loving my skin/hands. As with having dry hands, that are sometimes sore, putting products on them can actually make them much worse and be quite painful. Even E45, which is widely recommended does not agree with my hands much, the same with The Body Shop’s Hemp Hand Cream. Enter

  • Ginkgo’s Secret, caring hand balm – I actually received this in my Ritual’s advent calendar and from the moment I began using it I knew it was a keeper. The smell is so fresh and exactly what I’d expect from the brand. It’s very calming, not just in a soothing irritation way. Every time I use it I take a deep breath in, for the smell, and make my husband do the same. He agrees that it is a nice smell.
  • Beauty Pro Hand Therapy glove – Infused with collagen, this all sounded good, however I was a bit skeptical, but I really had no need to be, as it really works! With such dry hands they need all the moisture they can get and this glove delivered. Although feeling and looking like I should be working in a hospital or dentist, they did the job. I see the theory of the removable fingertips, however, I’m not sure how practical you could still be.
  • CND Bright Citron Scrub – Sold as being a conditioning scrub. Maybe something you’d be unsure of using on dry hands, but I love it. If they are particularly dry/sore then I wont use it and will just moisture with cream/the balm. I was introduced to this product while at Center Parcs when I had a luxury hand treatment and I bought it there and then. The beautician used two other CND Spa products which I intend to add to my regime also.

All skin is different. So as I’ve mentioned, the widely loved E45 and TBS Hemp cream don’t work for me, but that’s not to say you might not love them. Just as easy as you may not agree with my choices, but then you also may not have tried them – So please do!


Do you suffer with dry hands? If you do I’d love any tips or recommendations!


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  • Kel

    24th March 2017 at 11:55 am

    My hands never really look dry, but they often feel it (to me anyway!) so I love a good array of handcreams! I’ve not tried any of these but they all sound super! x

    1. crelgey

      15th April 2017 at 8:46 am

      My hands both look and feel it. Though these have definitely been helping. It’s more remembering to use them. I keep a moisturiser on my bedside table, so always do it before bed. 🙂

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