How I Use My Personal Planner.

I’ve read a few books recently. One being how to get organised. It’s amazing how motivated, creative and mind-settling doing simple tasks can make you feel. Very much a trial and error learning curve for me over the years, but I think I’m finally swimming instead of treading water.

Having contemplated trying a Bullet Journal this year and researching and loving the variety, flexibility, and individuality of them, I just wasn’t 100% sure that I understood the concept. I loved my Filofax, but I wanted a change. So, with being on the fence about a Bullet Journal, it was back to the faithful Personal Planner.

I thoroughly enjoyed customising it for print, however, I have added a few of my own touches to it and as a friend pointed out, my ‘system’, is unknowingly quite similar to that of the Bullet Journal.


What I Add To My Weekly Planner.

Here is a break down of a few personal tweaks I’ve made to my Personal Planner. Plus things I’ve begun doing and steps I take to make it all work for me – ultimately leaving me to feel less stressed and happy. It wasn’t just about how to get organised, it was also about freeing my mind.

organised with my personal planner

  • Two sides per day. As you can see, I’ve separated the days with a line. Thus giving me two sides to write. This is because, although I could, (which I have tried and disliked the aesthetics of) highlight in different colours whether something happening was personal, work, or blog related, I’ve found that this way suited me better. Completely separating personal things from blog things.
  • Checks. I’ve also drawn my own ‘check’ list and boxes. Once I’ve completed something, or something has happened I check it. I know this is a pretty basic thing to mention, but there really is so much satisfaction that comes from checking that box, more so, looking at that list on an evening when it’s full of ‘checks’. – Anyone else?
  • Sunday blog checklist. Sundays are always the same. Personally, as a family, Sunday’s are pretty easy going. The afternoon allows for a few hours of ‘own time’, which gives me the chance to do some admin type duties. Replying to comments, scheduling tweets for the coming day or week, the joy of checking for broken links, etc.
  • Highlighting. There’s no particular reason for it being green, but its main purpose is to highlight, out of all, or anything, things that NEED to be done that day. No questions asked. This is something that I’ve loosely made my own, taken from Sarah Knight’s fantastic sequel, ‘Get Your Sh*t Together‘. (not just about how to get organised.)
  • Forward on. Something I do, that apparently is similar to that of Bullet Journaling is that I forward on things that need to be done when they haven’t been done. This may be done in a different way using a Bullet Journal, but for me, it’s basically just a case of writing it again on the following day. It may also get to a point of becoming a NEED, therefore it would be highlighted.

Alongside my Personal Planner, I do have a Google Spreadsheet, which I use purely to plan posts for the year. Having everything, the full year, there in front of you, plus, not having to get the tipex out and shuffle posts around when you maybe haven’t got the pictures you wanted or a PR has been in touch and wants a post up for a particular date. It’s a godsend.

Lastly, I always leave my Planner open on the coffee table before bed. This is so that on a morning when I sit down with my cuppa, I can see the week/days ahead and what needs to be done that day. I also may add to it and or write up some ideas that I’ve written on my notepad next to my bed. – Does anyone else do that?


Would any of these be helpful to you? – What do you use to plan your days? – Or blog?


  • Jess

    I don’t really understand bullet journal’s either to be honest, I’m quite happy with a big standard diary and my google calendar!


  • Abi

    Your planner looks a little bit neater than mine! I have different coloured highlighters for each type of task – green =clients; yellow = personal etc. I like planning my day in 30minute slots using my passion planner but realise that can be a bit anal for some people! To be honest some days it goes to plan and others it defo doesn’t!


    • crelgey

      I think you have a job that requires you to be that organised though. So wouldn’t call you/it anal! I’m happy with my little planner. 🙂 xx

  • Robyn

    Love this! I don’t actually have a personal journal, but tempted to get one. I do use Google sheets to do my budgeting though, which works nicely!

    • crelgey

      I love having a personal planner. I love writing things I’ve got coming up in it and planning things to look forward to. I think it’s just finding what works for you. 🙂 xx

    • crelgey

      Haha! Not every week looks like that! Some weeks have a lot of crossing out! For me it’s about remembering to update everything! I have my phone, the calendar in the kitchen and this diary!.. x

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