Quality Parent Time With A Flexible Friend.


Parents – this may not be new to you, but it’s definitely something that we need to remember and not feel guilty about doing. You’re already doing an awesome job, that’s why you need and deserve this. To ultimately save money eating out.

It’s true what they say, life changes a lot when you have a child. Not just as two individuals, but more so as a couple. Unplanned trips and nights out. Not batting an eyelid about road rage and an odd hail Mary. Sleeping off hangovers. – Forget it. More so, parent relationships go through a lot, especially within the first years. It’s pretty imperative that you’re not only both singing from the same hymn sheet on how you are parenting – having each others back and tag teaming to say the least – but that you also have quality time together. Alone. Without a baby monitor. Or within the same house as your child. It’s a daunting time, that first time, but I promise you, it does get easier.

Taking this time out hasn’t been easy for my husband and I as we have no brothers or sisters or parents between us. Thankfully we do have some long standing family friends who are as close to grandparents as you can get. (and that’s not just to our little boy. They look after us too!) They have been fantastic in being able to have or watch our little boy for us, giving us chance to have some well earned ‘date-nights’.

Plus, I don’t know bout you, parents or non-parents, there’s always the issue of money and cost. Speaking as a parent, your priority will forever be making sure that you provide for your child/children, over your own needs. So finding the spare cash to take ourselves out regularly isn’t always easy.

We have enjoyed a few great evenings out together, sampling new restaurants in our town that have opened over the last year or two. However, and here’s where the game changer happens – We’ve got a TASTECARD! Where has this card and app been all our life?! Late to the party, I know. But seriously, how easy is the app to use. Talk about dining made simple, plus a way to save money eating out. One click and you can find all the restaurants in your area – Be it where you are or where you’d like to head, including what the specific offer is, as a great point of the card is that you save money eating out, which is generally a ‘241’. Then click two and you’re calling to book in!

We have a ‘date-night’ booked for the end of this month and with our tastecard in hand, we’re a tad spoilt for choice where to head. We both enjoy a good steak. The husband being more the connoisseur. We haven’t had an Italian in a while, so that might be a good call. The husband doesn’t really enjoy spicy food, so Indian and Mexican foods are a no go.  A few on the list are:

  • Beiderbecks Hotel – This hotel sits perfectly in the centre of town, allowing quick access to bars for before or after food drinks. However, I’m not sure whether this place is a bit ‘high class’ for us.
  • Il Piatto – A pretty central, on a bar route, two years old Italian restaurant. From their website and Facebook pages, it seems quite authentic, rather than mainstream. This is quite high on my list.
  • Restaurant 55 – From knowledge and research, more a ‘cafe’ and a fish one at that, so, with not liking fish, I’d need to check the menu beforehand.
  • and last but not least, because you can’t go wrong with a steak pizza – ASK Italian. The husband will ALWAYS want to go here for that reason alone.

You can be sure, however, that a review and post will follow of where we ended up. So for a sneak peak, keep an eye on Twitter and Instagram.

I would like to point out lastly, that, regardless of the title and nature of this post – tastecard is accessable and useable to anyone.. anywhere, children or not!


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