Read About What Happened In February.


February.. A short month maybe, but happy filled one. A month of love, new hair, birthday celebrations, a family trip, girly date, pancakes and as always, a long for pay day..



  • In 9 weeks my husband and our boy plus our friends and their little boy are heading to Center Parcs together. The boys will be sharing a bedroom, and with them being the same age and both only children, my husband thought it would be a good idea for them to stay at each others houses every few weeks, between now and then, to get used to sleeping in the same room together. This also works in favour of both couples being child free at alternate times, so a chance for a date night, or at least a lie in the next morning! Bonus. Our little boy had his first sleep at our friends and it went really well.
  • During our child-free evening, the husband and I took full advantage and headed to The Copper Horse,  a local bar/restaurant that we hadn’t eaten together at since it’s refurbishment. This was an early Valentine’s treat, plus an early Birthday treat for the husband. The place is just amazingly furnished and the food, equally as good. I even did everyone proud and had a desert. Have a read of my blog post here.
  • The three of us took a quick trip up to see our Auntie and her two Rotties in Grenta one weekend. Always love visiting, the scenery is so beautiful, however it’s the distance/time travelling that’s a pain. Especially when you’re trying to keep a toddler awake at 6pm. We made the most of the visit and took a drive to a near by town to meet our Uncle who lives not to far away. It was a bit of a windy day to be outside, but we enjoyed a lovely lunch and will definitely be heading back to Brampton.
  • I took a trip to Leeds for a date with two fabulous blogger friends. Lizi and Kel. It’s always lovely to see/meet people at events, but you don’t always get time for a proper natter. With the three of us having a love for cake, a cake date had been on the cards for a while. However, we actually decided to to eat at Giraffe in Trinity instead, which was a great pick by Lizi. Our next date will definitely be cake though.
  • Pancake day. I love pancakes. It may seem like a trivial day to the rest of the country, but, if you live in our town, then Pancake day/shrove Tuesday means Skipping day. As a child, if you weren’t really down for skipping, you could just see it as a skive day, as the schools are let out from lunchtime so people can go participate in this century old tradition down on south bay foreshore, which is closed to traffic. I had wanted to do a post on the whole tradition, but I failed. (here’s to next year!)


All About Me.

  • Got my hair did. I’m so fickle with my hair. I guess I maybe have to take part responsibility for it being ‘damaged’ or thin, as I have it dyed every 6-8 weeks and I’m always changing my mind on the colour. I went dark at my last visit. A dark brown that I don’t think I’ve been in 10 years. Although I liked it, I just felt a little flat. I missed the rainbow of shades from dark brown to blonde that my hair had become, especially at the ends. So this appointment I welcomed back some blonde.
  • I’ve read the fabulous book that is ‘The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving A F**K’ three times. Yes, three times. I’ve loved it. I mentioned it to a friend and that the author had a sequel about getting you S**T together, which I (she agreed!) thought might be more her thing and she actually went ahead and bought it. So, once we’d both finished, we said we’d swap, giving each other chance to read the other book. So I’m currently nearly finished the sequel book and I’m loving it just as much. I’m definitely a Simon. (those that have read the book will understand..)


This space.

  • The month has seen some very similar outfit posts. As I said within the posts, this was no way on purpose, but more that that this was my current palette of choice. Jeans will forever be my uniform and it seems black and khaki will be too and I am completely fine with that.
  • This month I also decided to share a new direction with you. Interiors. In particular a living room update. We’ve just begun to go back round the house updating and refreshing rooms and I thought it would be a nice addition to this space. It’s also something that I’ve become quite obsessed with on Pinterest. So. Addicted. Keep an eye out for up and coming posts on paint choices and accessory wishes.



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