A Check Shirt Surprise In My Wardrobe.

7th April 2017crelgey

Hello there New Look check shirt with tags on, hiding in my wardrobe. You are exactly what I was looking for today upon emptying my wardrobe to find something to wear because I have nothing..What a welcome wardrobe surprise.

What a welcome wardrobe surprise.

New Look check shirt forearm tattoo Primark animal print boots

I’ll explain. Upon writing my spring summer outfit preparing, with Apricot, a couple of weeks ago, I stated that it was my first check shirt. It seems. I lied. This little beauty, had been put away a wee while ago and I found it, to my joy, this weekend. I say put away, as, I’m sure not everyone does this, but upon buying a new item of clothing I hang it up on the front of my wardrobe. This is more for the blogger in me, as it allows me to a) remember it’s there and b) so I can think of styling options for outfit posts. Also to generally weigh up whether it was a good purchase or a rushed/spontaneous one, which actually, now I’m home, is not going to work. Does anyone else do that?

So back to the shirt. I totally know why I bought it and I definitely still love it. The darker colours are perfect for my current style and it, as well as my Apricot one, just go so well with denim, without looking or feeling like a lumberjack, even though it is a thicker cotton to that of the Apricot one. I LOVE roll up sleeves also. I feel, without realising, that I actually own a fair number of shirts with this style/detail. I’m Ok with that.

I decided to pair my check shirt with my Primark animal print boots as, well, why not. I had initially thought of my green, also New Look, ankle boots. But something in me said, no. This isn’t a normal occurrence for me, as I’m very much a colour coordinate dresser. I like things to match and go. When I put my Primark boots on, I was a relieved they looked OK and also please with myself for going against.. myself!?..

Can you relate to anything? –

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