Read About What Happened In March.


Three months into the year. Can we slow down already! I love making plans and looking forward to things, but then in hindsight, it’s wishing the year away. We’ve had a lot on socially this month and I’ve loved it.


  • From last months round-up, you may have gathered that we go away with friends to Center Parcs soon and with sharing a lodge and both having only children we’ve been having ‘sleepovers’ with the toddlers, to get them used to sleeping in the same room together. This month we had two sleepovers, which were actually fine. That’s it now until we go away. We’ve really enjoyed having the date nights.
  • I got my cook on and hosted our friends for the evening. We tied it in with sorting some bits for Center Parcs, but I thoroughly enjoyed being in the kitchen and cooking up a feast of Pinterest found recipes for us. They were all healthy recipes. You may of caught the kitchen action on InstaStories. I made: Skinny Bell Pepper Nacho Boats, Cheesy Cauli-Bread, Healthy Sweet Potato Skins, Sea Salt and Garlic Kale Chips. All SO very yummy! I’d definitely make all again. It was just a bit of a task making so many different recipes at once, as we only have one oven and things needed different heats and cooking times etc. But I think, I did very well.
  • You may have also caught on my social media that it was our boys 4th Birthday this month. Totally crazy and emotional to think he’s 4 and that this September he’ll be toddling off to ‘big’ school. He spent his birthday at school, but he enjoyed a birthday party with all his friends at the weekend. My husband picked him up from Preschool at lunch on the Monday and we took a trip through to York to the toy shops to spend his birthday money. I’d asked close friends and family for cash donations or ToysRUs vouchers. Which he thoroughly enjoyed, picking up a go-kart, micro boat accessory and an Owlette costume.
  • My little legs. OUR little legs. In a bid to stay healthy, get the toddler out and, I’m not going to lie – get my FitBit steps up – the toddler and I have been going on a ‘good’ (at least 5mile) walk every Tuesday. It’s been great fun. Getting waterproof suited and wellie booted up and the toddler coming back a stick/tree branch each walk.. Meaning we now have a lovely collection of 5 on the driveway.


All About Me.

  • I’m finally on the Kindle bandwagon and loving it. I’ve literally read so many books recently. Most have been about SEO as it;s something that actually really interests me, plus, there’s been th eodd tip that I’ve picked up that I can put into this little space also.


This Space.

  • This months content has been some of my favourite this year. (I know, it’s only March.) I think it’s because a few have been in my drafts for so long. I’ve been writing then editing them for some time. Anyone else do that? I’ve loved my outfits this month too. THOSE Topshop boots and the most CHUNKY Superdry jumper!



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